Monday, June 23, 2008

Quantity Does Not Equal Quality

Hi. My name is Vista. I don't play well with others. I don't even like my brother Internet Explorer 7, who was supposed to be my best friend. I can barely tolerate After Effects or Maya, especially if they hang around me for too long. Photoshop is OK, but don't push too many buttons, or I'll smack you down without any warning. I get confused easily, have to ask lots of questions, and get stuck running in place.

Microsoft: the king of "don't make it better, start over and make it different".

Pretty does not equal functional, people. I'd embrace change if it made my life easier instead of driving me even more crazy. Give a girl a break - when I download and install one of those updates, how 'bout making it do something to fix some of this for a change?

I know, buy a Mac. But that's a totally different story - starting with, "Once upon a time, in the land of making things user-friendly, a pretty young princess found too many things out of her control..." Yes, I have control issues - it's the programmer in me. The artistic and logical sides must balance - where's the balance?!

(Craziness written as the final straw dropped: IE7 crashing Vista, yet again, simply because I used it for a few hours and had more than one tab and more than one window open. Result: no right-clicking, no Menu bar, additional pages won't load - just try to and run the everlasting circle of death, then I can't open any more windows on my desktop and then my Start menu disappears and I can't even shut down correctly. All stemming from IE7. What's the deal? It's not like I'm overworking it!! And how long has this OS been out now?!)

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