Thursday, July 10, 2008

50 Things About Myself

OK, so I'm a little behind (how long ago did Viv put out this challenge, and Bearclau wrote hers?). But it takes a while to come up with that many things I like about myself, plus I have to be in the mood for so much introspection! So here goes:

1) people seem to open up to me really easily, especially if they're normally shy
2) I consider myself pretty intuitive
3) I'm good at puzzles (word puzzles, logic, numbers...)
4) I'm open minded
5) I love to learn about other people's cultures
6) I can be really patient - when I want to be
7) I'm a sucker for cute animals
8) let's face it, I'm a sucker for anything cute, especially gadgets & stylized toys
9) I pick up new things quickly
10) I'm a nerd
11) But I can be a suave romantic too
12) I used to be athletic and strong. If I got my butt back in gear, I could be there again. (Swimming, volleyball, mountain biking - I miss you!)
13) I'm the level-headed person in cases of emergency. This could have something to do with the fact that I've been trained in CPR, First Aid, and Lifeguard training. But I think it's a personality thing too.
14) I make a damn good coffee drink - drip coffee, espresso, iced, hot - and I make damn good foam, too, even from skim milk...
15) I love cooking things for people in anticipation of them loving it. Especially baking desserts.
16) I know my manners, and I try to stick by them.
17) I'm musical - singing, piano, and Rock Band drums! (do those count as 3 things?) I've sung in choirs & even sung in Carnegie Hall. I trained in classical piano for 12 years (I haven't touched one in a while, though, and I miss it). Drums I've always wanted to play, and it's fun but challenging (I can only do a few songs on Hard so far!)
20) I'm a good listener
21) I can sew. And if it's not something I've done before, I'll figure out how to make it.
22) I'm a great sleeper - unless I have to sleep by myself. I even turned Andrew, the insomniac, into a great sleeper.
23) I admit when I'm wrong or have messed up. This is something I see less and less these days.
24) I can do art! (trust me, this is one I had a hard time coming to terms with after being told I couldn't)
25) I love crafts, of all kinds.
26) I don't believe in babying kids
27) I do believe in disciplining kids. What do they learn if they're not taught right and wrong?
28) I admire each of my 3 sisters for different reasons
29) I think my mom is amazing, but I don't tell her that often enough
30) I wish I could have learned woodworking and clock-building from my grandfather
31) I'm not afraid to die - I just refuse to have Andrew go before I do
32) I've lived by myself
33) and I've come to realize that I don't like living by myself
34) I'm a social person
35) but I can come up with plenty of ways to entertain myself
36) I have 2 tattoos (each of my own design), and each one has its own special meaning
37) I took my youngest sister to get her first tattoo in NYC when she was 18. I got my first at the same time
38) I have never broken a bone (knock on wood), but throwing my back out with a spasm in my hip flexor is something I never want to relive again (it still gets achy easily)
39) I have been to more paintball tournaments than I can count, but I have only played once (that doesn't count shooting at the range)
40) I'm a good shot with a pistol; decent with a rifle (haven't tried a shotgun yet)
41) I never want to keep a gun in my house (unless it's my brother-in-law's police-issued pistol)
42) I want to train in martial arts & self-defense. I have irrational nightmares about being attacked and my punches doing no damage whatsoever. That's the worst feeling ever. (And martial arts are just cool)
43) I like comic books & graphic novels
44) I like (certain) video games (namely I don't like the war ones) & I love kicking guys' asses at them & seeing their shock & anger
45) I love all kinds of animation, and have even watched foreign-language ones (without subtitles) just because they look cool
46) I love a good MMA fight - especially if they win through submission (and yes, I can name most of the holds and techniques)
47) I'm bad about finishing projects - but at least I realize it and am trying to be better about it!
48) I'm not a good housekeeper. But if people are coming over, I'll clean like a mad-woman.
49) I love having friends over just to hang out & talk over good food and drink. (It helps that Andrew loves to cook for these parties as well)
50) I make my husband happy - when I'm not driving him nuts!

So, do you feel enlightened? I'm sure I'll come up with more randomly and think some of these are crazy later, but it's late and I'm supposed to be in bed! Come up with your own and see how easy it is...


vivzan said...

this is a good list and yes, more enlightened. Learned some new things about you, too. I don't think it's easy to do the list... I struggle with it.

LOL that you make good foam, even from skim milk! I was a barista once and that was my specialty!

You'll have to elaborate on being told you couldn't do art. You paint very well and I assumed this was something you've done forever. It's not?

vivzan said...

uhh, and why did I say I was more enlightened and also say that I learned some new things about you too when that's what enlightenment is?



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