Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Keywords Are What?

Bearclau wrote about checking into her traffic. I, too, have been curious to see if I get more visitors than the 3 people I know read the site. I'm on Google Analytics to find out. So far, not really, but I'm okay with that.

I also checked out my blog on Technorati and found this amusing:

Really? This is what my site is about? Have I ever mentioned ballroom dancing? I don't think so (although I did have to take a catillion dance class in 8th grade - that was a horrible experience I don't like to think about: white gloves and boys with sweaty, wandering hands). Tokidoki? Huh. I like Tokidoki, but I can't say that I've ever addressed it by name before this. Ah, perhaps it was the cute monkey Mimobot he designed. I have to say, I prefer Joe Ledbetter's style, but he hasn't designed a Mimobot yet (maybe someday).

So is your site really what you thought it was about?


vivzan said...

LOL - whenever I look at my site analytics, California is blowing it up. Who do I know in CA that reads my blog? You! :-)

I seem to have regular readers that I don't know. Or friends who travel consistently and don't tell me and read my blog on the road. I'm incredibly curious as to who these readers are and why they read it.

Technorati says my site is about:
xm radio, jet blue, find someone, all-clad, iphone.

Going back and forth to write this made some more tags show up: airplanes, williams-sonoma

It sounds like my blog is about products. :-(

laidlaw said...

Actually, you mentioned ballroom dancing in the Stand In man post. That sneaky Technorati. It knows everything!

Chelc said...

See, this was just my ploy to get you to read through my whole blog and find the reference! Funny the things that Technorati pulls out, though, isn't it?

Welcome to my blog! I'd say have a look around, but looks like you already have! :)


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