Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Painting Camp, Part IIIa - So Far, So Good

After my frustration with the painting from last Thursday, I wanted to post what I got done today - get rid of the bad taste in my mouth, if you will. Today was so much of a relief because it was enjoyable to paint again, unlike the frustration I was left with Thurs. I might also be because I love the ocean, and the fog was gorgeous this morning (even if it made it rather chilly out!) It's not done yet, but I think there's a lot less to add in Thursday, and therefore a lot less chance of fully ruining it (like I felt last week). In fact, if I hadn't had a lunch meeting today, and perhaps if my hands were less numb from the wind, I would have stayed to finish it.

Sorry, I forgot the camera today, so no real-life shots, but I'll take some Thursday. It's missing a large cypress tree in the foreground that will go from the lower left corner to the top middle of the canvas (that's why that line of yellow underpainting still shows through there, and also why I didn't worry about the detail in the mountains in that area). There is also a branch that will come down and arch over the rocks in the water (visually, not in real life!). And lastly, there's just a smidge of dry yellowish grasses to put in at the very foreground/very bottom of the canvas (that yellow strip). I'd love any feedback, since it's a lot easier to have in mind things I need to do for Thursday before I start painting. And it will be easier to fix anything, if need be! Also, let me know if you have a preference of frame color around the picture - I have been using the black to separate it more from the page, but it's easy enough to put white, off-white, whatever...

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vivzan said...

I like the look of this and definitely want to see what it will look like with the tree in.



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