Friday, July 11, 2008

Downfall of the Digital Age

I was thinking about one of my "50 Things About Me" - #31, in fact. Since Andrew's been away for the week (he comes back late tonight, yahoo!), I started thinking about what would happen if I were incapacitated or other morbid thoughts. No, I'm not depressed, just random thoughts which, you'll see, are actually quite practical. How would he or my family members be able to have access to my online accounts?

See, so many of our bills these days don't come in the mail anymore. They're all online and get delivered through email. We pay them online. Our bank accounts are all online. Everything requires a username and password these days. But we've all been strictly warned not to keep a record of these anywhere. So how do we deal with an emergency situation? I can barely remember all my own usernames and passwords, let alone someone elses.

My mom actually has created a spreadsheet with usernames and coded passwords (she's told my sisters and I the normal passwords she uses). I suppose if we had the usernames, and could get into her email, at least, we could probably get into most of her sites through password hints.

But this is something I feel I need a solution to. In case of emergency. For practical reasons, you know? Anyone have any other suggestions? Has anyone else thought about this?


vivzan said...

I thought about this, along with how anyone would know what I want to do in case I died, or in the hospital. I need to make a will.

The will, along with my passwords, would go in a safety deposit box.

Clau said...

I started the process (about 2 years ago) of preparing my will and other emergency documents. I was watching mindless TV one day and I saw the Suze Orman program on PBS. Her Ultimate Protection Potrfolio has all the do-it-yourself documents you'll need.

I've created mine, but haven't gotten them notarized yet. Too lazy.

Chelc said...

Well I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking about this!

Viv, I like the idea of a safety deposit box for the passwords. I've been thinking about getting one for jewelry that has been passed down to me that I don't wear very often.

Clau, that's a good link. I (we) really should get the rest of that stuff in order. Our massage therapist in NJ was a notary as well! You could stress out about your will and then get a massage! :)


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