Thursday, July 3, 2008

Oh Happy Painting Day!

Today, I finally finished (well, almost), a painting that I don't hate. I finished up the painting from Tuesday, which took me longer than I had thought, but I also futzed with it more than I needed to. So, without further ado, here is the result. (Sorry for the color - I've been taking photos of the paintings indoors, and not under the best lighting conditions - the previous post's pic is much yellower than in real life.)

I put the foreground grasses (bottom of the painting) on last, and they were way too wet for me to fix, although I made one attempt after I got home. The color got way too muted - it needs to be brighter and darker to match the tree so it fits more into the foreground. Otherwise, I'm surprisingly happy with my tree, which I hated while I was painting it, but decided to leave and come back to. That green sure does make a difference to the whole painting, doesn't it?

I took a bunch of photos, but it's funny how completely different the weather was today. Tuesday it was incredibly foggy, and there was this purpley light to everything, even as the sun finally came out towards the time we were leaving (midday). Today, the sun was bright all day, and the colors were really different - even the colors in the bay were different, but those had been changing all day anyway! Plus, there were shadows that hadn't been there before, so I was glad that I had finished the background elements and not started on the foreground, so those would match each other. Here's the photo that's approximately what I was painting.

Here's the pulled-back version - I love the top of the tree, it just would have been too much, I think, and would have dominated over the fog, which I love.

As always, I'd love to hear your comments! What a great start to a holiday weekend! Everyone be safe out there tomorrow!


vivzan said...

It came out great!!!

Chelc said...

Thanks Viv! I'm actually pretty happy with it - well, once I fix the color on the grasses I'll be happy :)


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