Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Painting Camp Part II - So Messy, So Frustrating

Tues - Part 1Well, I didn't get a chance to update last week with my painting. We went to the Baylands, which are lots of marshes and reeds and mud. But they can be very pretty, and the birdlife is great to watch. Tuesday, aka Part 1, I was very happy with what I got accomplished. Thursday, not so much. It's very frustrating when you spend the whole day trying to finish something that's just not clicking - especially when you actually like the part that was done earlier.

So, here's a photo of Thursday's end result. I am not finished with it, Thurs - what I got finished before going crazyI just ran out of time. I need to redo the "water" (wet dirt, really) and I think I'm going to put some cracks in the bottom of the painting so you can get more out of the foreground. I think the colors are too similar now as well - mainly the "water" is not standing out (of course, it really doesn't in real life, either, so that's a conundrum). Right now it's driving me nuts.

I'm posting a pic of the real spot as well (sorry, the photo is a bit washed out, although it was super hazy from the fires). the real baylandsIt's also a slightly different spot than where I was standing to paint, so the perspective is a little off from the painting. I was closer in, so those bushes in the foreground are not in the painting. Let me know if you have any suggestions for improving the painting, because I just don't like looking at it anymore (oh, and the bird will definitely need to be redone, and I'll probably add a few others in the water). It's hard to get up the energy to paint at home from a photo, especially when you're not feeling inspired from what you've already got!


vivzan said...

I like this one as well. The grassy area looks terrific, very well done. Since I haven't studied painting, I'm probably not going to use the right term, but the water area needs more dimension? It looks higher than the sand that is in front of it as opposed to behind it. Does that make sense?

Lovely coloring. You do skies very well and I love the grass.

Chelc said...

Thanks for the comments, Viv. You're right about the water area, although I think a lot of the problem is the sandy area which is throwing off the water. You don't have to have studied painting to know what looks right and what doesn't! That part of why I wanted people's opinions!

I like the grass too - I'm tempted to just cut off the bottom half and not deal with it! But then I wouldn't learn anything! :)


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