Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Stand-In "Man"

Even though Andrew couldn't be here for my birthday, he sent someone else in his stead - via the UPS man (side note - UPS man seems like a cool, funny guy...more on that another time). His name is Galacula, and he is adorable. According to his capsule, he comes from a famous lineage of space vampires, and enjoys stardust sucking, vortext riding, and ballroom dancing. He calls himself a Countoisseur of good taste. After making our acquaintances, I freed him from his silver capsule - he felt the need to explore a little, get his bearings.

First, he had to pass the Wally-sniffer: galacula vs. the Wally-sniffer

find galacula

Then he tried to blend in with the foliage:

beach sceneryHe checked out the scenery, but this one wasn't quite finished enough to play on the beach yet:

nice view

He enjoyed the view on this one, though:

He escaped outside and started out innocently enough, hanging with the tomatoes: hangin' with the tomatoes

pretty earth flower

Then taking a moment to sniff the ginormous earth flowers:

But then he found the fireworks, and didn't understand that putting on his polyester hoodie, though adorable and shiny, would not protect his little plastic body from melting. Lesson to mimobots: polyester & plastic do not mix well with fireworks!

Sofie attacks Galacula

Once wrangled indoors again, he tried to get to know the natives. The response was not overwhelmingly postive:

nighty-night, space vampire

But some locals were much more tolerant of new beings, and this made the recovery much easier. Tomorrow, perhaps he'll get to work. In the meantime, pleasant space vampire dreams, little mimobot.

I have drooled over mimobots for the last 3 years - pretty much since the company started. But I have never had a strong enough reason to splurge on these adorable little USB jump drives. So receiving one for my birthday makes those 3 years of drooling (plus "subtle" hints for a birthday present) worth the wait! For those of you as enamored as I am, they're even having a sale right now! Plus they're working on their 3rd series of Star Wars characters, along with many other adorable/badass (see the 2 versions of Happy Tree Friends & new tokidoki) designs (and more by the awesome designer who did this one, Dino Alberto). I want them all, but I'm happy with my Galacula (I was tempted by the cute tokidoki monkeys, though!). Oh, and not only do you get a working USB drive plus a new friend, it comes loaded with cool wallpapers, icons, games, and sounds featuring your character and the others from its series. Let the obsession begin (or continue)! And thank you to my hubby, for giving me a distraction from the fact that he won't be home for a few more days.


Clau said...

Love the photo story on your new Mimbot friend!

vivzan said...

This post? Freaking hilarious!!!! Love it!


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