Saturday, August 23, 2008

New York Groove

I am a child of the 70's. I'm not afraid to admit it. I pride myself on having pretty eclectic taste in music, and for knowing - and loving - classic rock, amongst other genres. So how is it that this Kiss song (okay, it's Ace Frehley from Kiss, and apparently it's a cover from Hello, but this is just what YouTube tells me) has gone so long without ever reaching my ears until a few months ago? Really? - it took Grand Theft Auto IV to bring it to my attention?! (to which Andrew of course stated that it was a classic, and of course part of his iTunes collection - we really need to consolidate our tune collections!)

So, this is my newest dance in the shower, the kitchen, my chair song. There's a little film reel in my head that runs along with it (because that's how my brain works, even for my dreams, and it proves even more that this is the profession I should be in!). Do you have theme music? I always wanted my own theme music. This would have been my theme music for when I first moved to Brooklyn. Young girl, finding her way in the city, excited about what the future may hold for her.

Just picture it (I highly recommend listening to the song to this description to get the full effect): I'm in rockin' black stiletto boots, trench coat to my knees with the collar up, little 70's beret on my head (yeah, it's got a little Mary Tyler Moore flavor, but different). Fade up on a close-up of my boots stomping on the sidewalk in time to the music. Pan up to a full shot, fall scenery in the background (who cares if it was March when I first moved there? this is a fall shot). Walking through the city with determination and a little smile on my face. Cut to me on the subway - one of the rare above-ground spots on the F train in between Brooklyn and Manhattan, so you can see the pretty rooftops of Brooklyn behind me. The train rocks in time to the music. "I'm back, back in the New York groove..."

OK, it goes on, but that's a taste. Do you feel it? I totally do. Now I need a new one for out here on the West Coast (which growing up was California Girls, but I need something new now). What's your groove song? Or what would your theme music be?

(Oh, and this is totally what happens when I'm supposed to be doing homework but have to wear my headphones because Andrew's playing video games right next to me, and I have to drown out his shooting sounds and XBox Live conversations somehow...Ah, love...)

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