Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

These are what have been getting me through my school days - 3 hour art class in the morning, come home to get my homework done for animation class that's another 3 hours at night. My day ends up going from 8am till 10pm. And then I'm all amped up from class at night, so it takes me a few hours to get tired for bed. This is my normal Tuesday, and I couldn't do it without my coffee. I know, I drink a lot, but I've accepted it and know when to sprinkle in the decaf. And working in a coffee shop has made me very picky! So needless to say, I can make a damn good cup of coffee for the morning and evening, and a damn good iced latte for the afternoons!

These are my friends:
Okay, so the sugar and creamer I don't use myself since I take my coffee black. I just had them out for Andrew's parents, but they're adorable and match our dishware, and they make me happy. I do have a little collection of sugar and creamers, actually, because I like to have cute serveware to put out when we do have people over. And if you saw my coffee cupboard, you would see that I like to collect coffee things. But I don't want to scare you with the coffee cupboard. Oh, and yes, Andrew has been kind enough to give up almost a whole kitchen counter to coffee things (the burr grinder is on the other counter!). He's a good husband, especially since he can't stand even the smell of coffee! And now, as I finish my morning coffee, I must prepare for class! It's a tough life, but someone has to do it!


Clau said...

Wow. That last paragraph makes me think you need to switch to decaf. I think I read it at a million miles per hour.

Chelc said...

Actually, that last paragraph was me supposed to be getting ready for class but I kept thinking of something else to add! I'd only had one cup at that point! :) (Hmm, maybe it's all the exclamation points! Hahaha) I could write pages on coffee...

vivzan said...

I see two very nice machines there! I'm looking forward to some of your coffee!

I teetered on the edge of becoming a full-fledged coffee geek. I worked in coffee shops as a barista, and coveted a vacuum coffee maker like Bodum's Santos. My friend used to roast his own coffee beans and I considered it as well.

I get frugal about random things and never bought a burr grinder and you know that I don't even has an espresso machine at home. Not sure why I don't have these things!

Chelc said...

That's awesome that your friend roasted his own beans - that's something that is out of my league! There was a shop in Palo Alto that used to do it, though. Not sure if they're still there, but you could smell the roasting for blocks!

I held off on buying the burr grinder till it was on sale, plus with my discount it was affordable. The difference in the grind is amazing, though, especially for an espresso machine. And the espresso machine was a total fluke in sale pricing and discount, but it's worth it for me! It doesn't get used as much as my drip machine, but I love that I can have espresso whenever I want!

I think these should go on your list of "not waiting for the wedding" things - if you'll use them and enjoy them, it's worth it to me! (And I'm more than happy to make coffee drinks when you guys are out here!)


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