Monday, October 20, 2008

Shading Struggles

Life drawing is always a toss-up whether I'm going to have a great day or a disappointing day. I mentioned before that shading is a struggle for me. I'm still working out how to get the charcoal to do what I want it to. Sometimes I just think, if I could paint this, it would be a lot easier to blend these values! The school does offer a figure painting class, but only once every 2 or 3 years, and I missed the last one.

We've moved into doing a few short warm-up gesture drawings at the beginning of class, and then spending the next 1.5 to 2 hours on one pose. Which is great if everything works out. But sucks if you look at your piece at the end and say, "Really? That's all I got out of that time? Because I thought I would have a lot more!" Now, I am hard on myself. But I have yet to do a drawing where at the end I can look at it and be happy with its entirety. I can usually find parts I like, but sometimes those are the parts I barely spent any time on, and the ones I really worked on disappoint me.

So, as I go off to life drawing class right now, I can only hope that I have a good class and can be happy with at least part of my drawing. Or that I keep learning. That's supposed to be the whole point, right? Clear the mind and start fresh every time. Better stop looking at all the things I could have done better in these drawings then! (Although there are a couple of things I do like in each of these. The last here is my least favorite, the one I was so disappointed with last Wednesday).


Clau said...

You definitely too hard on yourself, but I guess that's what drives to to be a better artist. But IMHO, I really like the shading. It's actually my favorite part since that's what brings your drawing to life.

vivzan said...

you are being too hard on yourself. The live drawings you do are the ones I like the most and wow, these are just great. You capture the positioning beautifully and the shading *is* great. I agree with Clau, if it drives you to be a better artist, but I see great work here.


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