Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pink Umbrella is Coming Along!

I looked back on the Pink Umbrella post to see where I had left off in the last picture. I can't believe the progress that's been made since then! It's so hard to remember what it looked like before, so bare and hardly formed yet. I'm still working away on it, but my teacher keeps telling me to move faster and stop worrying about mistakes. I can't help that - it's just in my nature.

Keep in mind that this is still the first layer. I'll be fixing things up and adding more detail and lightening up certain areas in the second pass. I love that when I see the thumbnail version of this, though, it really reads well. That's my goal for the end product!

I've still been working on it at odd angles. The top and bottom were all done with the canvas turned on end, and the middle part I've been working on mainly upside-down. I'm still working to maintain the rhythm and now the challenge is to break up the middle section so that, as my teacher says, it has "more chaos". I love that I get to use colors you rarely get to break out, and I've been experimenting a little with adding layers of transparent color. That will come into play more when I've got this first layer down. I think the middle section is going to need the most work for the second pass - it's more important to the eye that parts of that section stand out - the top and bottom should fade away and just add to the rhythm and vibrancy of the piece.

I'm very excited to see how it turns out - every day is a surprise on this piece! I'm really glad I decided to take daily pictures of it, though, because it's very satisfying to see the progress I've made! Hope you guys enjoy too!


laidlaw said...

Yesssss.... more chaos! Mu hu HAHAHAHAHA!

vivzan said...

Wow, this is looking AWESOME!


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