Friday, November 7, 2008

Sad Pumpkins

One week ago today we probably scared the trick-or-treaters and made the neighbors jealous with our rockin' Rock Band skills. And "we" means the awesome girl band (with a stand-in male guitarist) comprised of talent from both coasts! Our bellies were full of oh-so-yummy Andrew-cooked entrees, and a topper of homemade (although a bit overcooked because I got so involved in Rock Band!) pumpkin pie. A little wine, conversation, and lots of laughs, and one would never believe we hadn't seen each other for 5 months, let alone 9 years before that! It's funny how some friends can get back together and still have that connection.

Daily routines rushed back Monday morning, but every day I returned home to the pumpkins on the front porch, reminding me of our fantastic weekend. But one week later, the pumpkins are sad and will have to be composted. Which can only mean that it's time to start planning our next reunion tour!

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