Sunday, January 11, 2009

Creepy or Sweet?

I found this post on a blog I frequent (yes, I love the crafty stuff!). It talks about people using their cats' and dogs' fur to make yarn, and then knitting/sewing items like clothing or handbags out of it. I feel vindicated, because every time I brush our super-soft cat Sofie, I always comment that I wish I could make yarn out of her fur. Andrew thinks I'm crazy, but now I know I'm not alone. [tangent]Plus, ever since reading Sleeping Beauty where she pricks her finger on a spindle at the spinning wheel, I always thought spinning wheels were cool. You'd think I'd have leaned toward scary what with that being what put her to sleep, but somehow I went the other direction. [/tangent]

Now, reading the comments and one of the links, some people think this is creepy. I can understand impractical - I mean, even Persians don't have that long of fur, even when you shave them! But weird to wear their fur? Well, they don't seem to have any problems with it. And what do you think wool or angora are? So why is it weird that it just happens to be a different animal? And then one person commented that making a sweater for a dog out of its own fur is like making a cow wear leather. What?! Um, no, you're not skinning the dog! You're just giving it a little extra natural blanket! Someone comments that it's a nice way to remember their pet after they're gone. It's certainly less creepy than heading to your local taxidermist!

So, what's your opinion? Creepy or sweet? And I have to wonder if this would affect people with allergies (although it's supposed to be the dander more than the actual fur that's a problem).

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vivzan said...

Neither creepy nor sweet. Yeah, we use rabbit fur so what's the big deal about using cat or dog? That sweater the guy is wearing in the photo is gorgeous.

If it's about an attachment to one's pet, then it's creepy!


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