Monday, January 12, 2009

Dog in a Cat's Body

Some of you expressed doubt that our cat, Wally, actually fetches toys. Well, he does, although sometimes when he gets distracted, he forgets to bring the toy back to you, and then meows and bugs you to throw it, even though you now have nothing to throw. And of course he does this when you're busy concentrating on something else.

So, the other night I took a little video. Ignore the messy house and poor video quality - our digital camera isn't the greatest for video. I turned off the sound because it's mainly Andrew playing Left 4 Dead in the background, which doesn't add much to the cat fetching!

No, this is not doctored in any way, and yes, he does this constantly with all kinds of toys. It's nice for us lazy pet owners! So, here's your proof!:

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