Monday, January 26, 2009

Kitty Presents

Remember that puzzle I was so excited about finishing? Well, I made the mistake of leaving it on my sewing table when I left for Seattle last week. And when I got back, this is what I found:
Does that look completed to you?

Apparently this little bugger (otherwise known when on good behavior as Wally) decided it would be fun to disassemble my puzzle for me. So, I put the pieces back together (after retrieving them from the ground, my bag, and another variety of hidey-holes they had been thrown and batted into). But I was still missing one. And then I made the mistake of leaving the puzzle out that night (thinking I'd need it out to remember I was missing a piece - nothing worse than doing a puzzle, only to find it's missing pieces, or to find a puzzle piece and have no idea what puzzle it goes to!). And of course the next morning the puzzle was disassembled once more.

A week later, I'm still missing that one damn piece. And every morning there are at least a few pieces taken out of the puzzle. I have no idea how he gets the ones in the middle out without tearing them or pulling the rest of the puzzle apart. I'm finally thinking I should put it away and just put a post-it or something on it to remember it's missing a piece. After tearing the room apart today, I just hope Captain Curious didn't eat the damn piece! (No really, I wouldn't put it past him!)


s said...

I'm ashamed to admit this makes me angry. Nothing should stand between a puzzler and her puzzle. Cat, you are my nemesis!

Chelc said...

the up-side? I get to re-do little bits of the puzzle every day! hahahaha

and it's okay to be angry! truthfully, though, i think the cat is just a little too clever for his own good.

vivzan said...

This is just too funny, but also I'd be pretty angry.

It's a beautiful puzzle Hope you find the missing piece.


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