Sunday, February 8, 2009

Caffeine: Who Needs It?

Well, my "easy" decision to have my tooth pulled has resulted in 5 days of recovery. And I'm not quite done yet. Last night was the first time I was able to sleep through the night without waking up in pain. Probably because I would accidentally roll over or clench my jaw or some such nonsense that I'd be sure to avoid if I were awake. I'm still not on regular eating habits - it just tires the left side of my jaw so much to have to chew. It's an odd feeling, especially now that I can actually open my mouth all the way, and the hole where the tooth came out has almost all closed up, so I'm not worried about weird food bits ending up in there (maybe that's why I really kept waking up in the middle of the night - weird food nightmares!). Andrew calls it my dental version of a gastric bypass.

I also went 4 days without caffeine, and 5 without coffee. Now, if that doesn't sound like a big deal, let me explain what a normal day is like - a coffee in the morning (usually 2 cups worth). Then a Dr. Pepper for lunch (not always, but it is a favorite and easy to transport to class with me). Then, another coffee at night after dinner (sometimes as late as 10pm, depending on how late we eat dinner). But caffeine doesn't affect me like most people. I normally don't drink it for the jolt, I just enjoy the flavor (and yes, Dr. P without the caffeine does taste different!). I can drink espresso and head off to bed. I actually find it soothing, and it helps my digestion after dinner. I realize I'm weird, but I've come to terms with it.

So you can understand the magnitude of no caffeine for so long. But I just wasn't eating that much, had a horrible taste in my mouth all the time from the healing process (that's almost gone, thank goodness!), and the idea of something hot in my inflamed mouth was incredibly unappealing. I didn't miss it, although sometimes I'd be surprised that I'd wake up in the morning, and when I'd go to make coffee out of habit, I'd realize I didn't want it. Or breakfast either. And since I haven't been moving around much, I really didn't need food until lunchtime. No, I'm not starving myself, and I'm not advocating skipping breakfast. Trust me, when I go back to school tomorrow, I'm going to need the sustenance of all 3 meals and some snacks in between! I just have to find soft mushy snacks and meals, which Andrew has so far been so good as to provide me with. Eggs are great, especially when soup just isn't sounding appealing.

So are things going to return to normal tomorrow? Well, I'm playing it by ear. I made some coffee this morning to go with the eggs and chorizo Andrew made for brunch. And I had about two sips and just wasn't getting the taste out of it I wanted. Plus, it's still not so easy to drink things for me. But I am happy to have proven to myself that I'm not addicted to it, and if I had to stop drinking it, I could. In the meantime, I know I enjoy the flavor too much to not go back to it eventually.

Are you sick of me talking about my dental limitations? Well I'm just as sick of having them! At least I'm well enough for classes again, and I'll have something to distract me. Speaking of, I am way behind on homework! I should probably work on that...

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vivzan said...

Wow. After reading your last post, I understand the magnitude of this in a way your tweets haven't explained.

Well, only so much you can do with a 140 character limit!

Ice, ice, ice.


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