Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cora-Who? A Pre-Review

OK kids. I know I said I was going to have a review of Coraline up, but that pesky school schedule and Internet issues keep getting in the way. And now I'm feeling the need to go see it one more time before it's not in 3D anymore, which means I need to see it this weekend. I'm actually going to try to see it tomorrow with the early bird special and save some of that extra cash they're charging for the glasses.

So I'm going to wait on my review of the movie. In the meantime, though, I'm going to post some links I've dug up. Part of what I love about this movie is that it's mixing my love of animation and hand-made, crafty things. The advertising company had a brilliant idea of sending out hand-crafted boxes, each one different, to various bloggers that they thought would appreciate the contents. These lucky bloggers now have in their possession their own pieces of the movie, whether it be wigs from the characters, or a couple of jaw pieces from the cat, or a huge variety of other items. I can't imagine how amazing it would be to receive one of these in the mail. Not all the boxes have been accounted for as of yet, but you can see a partial list here, from NOTCOT. If you've seen the movie, these will be even more impressive and probably make more sense.

Also, each box came with a password to unlock certain parts of the official website, which on its own is very cool to wander through. I especially like the behind-the-scenes footage from the Theater. And speaking of the advertising company, they've got some cool behind-the-scenes pictures of the premiere and other fun movie things on their blog. It's nice to see an advertising working outside the typical box (so to speak).

I also mentioned that Andrew and I visited the Coraline exhibit at the Cartoon Art Museum last weekend. It was so popular, they've extended it through this weekend (and we have to head up there Saturday anyway, so I'll get to see it again! Even more reason to go see the film again tomorrow! I'm calling it official homework, though - my 3D Texturing teacher did say it was homework!). There was no photography of the exhibit, but I managed to spot some pix on Flickr with a little searching. Also, this blog has some cool shots from Comicon this summer, where apparently they had some puppets and displays set up that aren't at the exhibit we saw. Plus, check out some of the gorgeous artwork he did for the film!

And lastly, Harper Collins actually has the original book, written by Neil Gaiman, online to read - yes, in its entirety! I don't know how folks feel about reading the book before the film, or waiting, but the book is certainly more creepy, if just because it leaves your imagination free to create its own craziness! You may recognize Neil Gaiman as the author of Sandman graphic novels, or perhaps more of you recognize him as the author of Stardust, which has become a new classic in our household. I like to call it this generation's Princess Bride.

Is that enough to keep you guys busy for a while? Yeah, I thought so. Now go have fun exploring, and if you haven't seen the movie yet, go now! This weekend is supposed to be the last (at least around here) to see it in 3D. It's worth the extra few bucks, because, even though 3D movies usually drive me nuts, this film did a good job of making it feel more natural and not hitting you over the head with it. Plus, they actually planned it for 3D, as Ain't It Cool News reports:
For every frame of the film, two separate photos were taken, then interlaced later for the 3D. This way they could approximate our visual depth perception on a miniature scale, which no camera exists to do. So essentially, they shot the movie twice and there was no miraculous new 3D technology, they did it mathmatically and with precision of human effort.
And that's why it doesn't drive me nuts to watch it. Now ask me if I'm going to see it in 2D as well? Well, perhaps the better question is how many times!

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