Monday, February 9, 2009

Drawings - Before All the Craziness!

I totally forgot about these drawings I did the Monday before my crazy dentist appointment last week. So, as a reward for putting up with my dental complaining, here are some pieces I did last week. I'd post what I did in class today, but we were working on cross contour with vegetables as models, so the pieces are not so interesting. I would much rather look at these instead!

The first is of some quick gesture drawings I liked. We had Christina again, one of our favorites, and my teacher's personal favorite - he does most of his paintings from her.

The next is a contour line drawing I especially liked. As I've said before, I love contour line drawings. I always wish we could spend more time doing these. I would have loved to have had time to get to the rest of her head, but the body was the important part.

When we were told we would have an hour-long reclining pose, I started in on the shading, since I was done putting the pose down in the first 20 minutes, and contour lines just weren't going to take me that long after getting the pose down. That's the third drawing. I'm pretty happy with the results, especially considering it's the first shading I've done in a few months! My weaknesses are still hands, hair, and I'm still working on controlling the charcoal. But I'm excited to make even more progress this semester! Hope you guys are ready for lots of drawing posts!

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vivzan said...

These look great! I can see why she's a class favorite!


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