Saturday, March 21, 2009

Coraline Mystery Box Received! - #16

I was so nervous and excited to get a mystery box in the mail yesterday. OK, not like I wasn't expecting something, but that doesn't make it any less exciting! It was the Coraline Mystery Box sent to me from Amanda at - Box #16 of 44. I love it!

Close Up
Of course I love the black cat - I had thought of making something with the cat for my box as well. And the little dragonfly barrette has a tiny clothespin on the bottom so I can attach it wherever I want! And the Seeing Stone is so unique and I love that it's obviously from a beach - confirmed by my marine biologist sis who pointed out that it's a natural hole and there are some type of marine creature exoskeletons left inside the hole (like barnacles but tiny)! It's so fitting for my love of the beach! We each had to put a letter inside, and Amanda went the extra mile and typed hers - on a real typewriter! Such a great touch! And the skeleton key and the little chest with the button eyes, needle and thread, on an adorable purple pillow are the icing on the cake!

Did I mention how happy this little box makes me? I have to admit, I entered this swap (my first, and now definitely not going to be my last!) just to make the box and have fun with the creating process. But I'm so happy to have my own treasure in return. Many, many thanks to Amanda for making me such a great box!!

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