Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Coraline Mystery Box Swap - Box #31

So back at the end of January, a craft blog I visit regularly, My Little Mochi, was pondering how wonderful the mystery boxes were that the Coraline movie had sent out for promos. And then she pondered further how maybe, if a few people were interested, some crafters could do their own version and swap. Well, no surprise, I signed up to be one of the 50 (although we only ended up having 44 people take part).

We had a month to prepare a box similar to the ones Laika had sent out, but ours had to have 2-3 handmade pieces in them. There were other rules, which you can check out on the site, but the main idea was to have it close to what had been sent to the original 50 bloggers by Laika's promo team.

The deadline to have the box sent out to our recipients (that were emailed us - it's a surprise who's sending to you) was yesterday. I either should have started earlier or tried to accomplish less, but after long nights over the weekend, I got my box finally sent out today. I decided yesterday that I could either throw the contents together and get it in the mail yesterday, or make it look the way I wanted and get it out today.

Anyway, I'm torn about whether to post pictures or not, but I think what I'm going to do is post the first few here and not post them on the Flickr group we have for all the recipients. I'd like the contents to be a surprise to my recipient - if they so choose! I've been trying to avoid looking through the Flickr pics too much because I actually do want to be surprised when I open whatever box I get!

Here's a peek at the box I made:I have lots of pictures of how they came to be, but that's for a later post! I hope my recipient likes them, because now I'm tempted to make a set for me to keep!


Melissa said...

They are amazing!!

vivzan said...

Wow, GORGEOUS! How creative! Love, love, love the box! Can't wait to see more photos!

Anonymous said...

Those really are fabulous--your Misses Forcible & Spink were some of my very favorite things in the swap...Just so wonderful!

Do you think you'll make another set for yourself? i had thought i'd make another tortoise to keep for myself, but once those initial pangs of parting with him were over, I got too lazy ^_^

Chelc said...

Dora - thanks so much for the kind words! Your tortoise was one of my favorites from the swap as well!

I would still like to make a set of the Misses for myself, but I've gotten sidetracked with other things. Tell you what - if you make me a tortoise, I'll make you a set of the Misses - and we can make a set for ourselves at the same time!!

Anonymous said...

I would *love* to do that, if you're serious! I'd have time for it once summer rolls around, and I do love to have a project to work on :)


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