Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Tidbit

Random Memories:

One of my favorites. I'm standing by the door on the F train one Saturday afternoon when I still lived in Brooklyn (around 9 years ago, so I was in my early 20's). I'm wearing my usual off-hours garb of a Mr. Bubbles t-shirt and jeans, my messenger bag jauntily hanging off my shoulder, and playing my Gameboy. I overhear an adorable little girl talking to her mom, catch her looking at me and asking "Is she a grown-up?" Classic, and what I consider a compliment. I'd still consider that true these 9 years later! (And probably what has drawn me to my change in careers to animation, as well as helping me be more creative!)

Happy Friday, everybody! Now go enjoy your weekend!


Clau said...

The real question is, do YOU think you're a grownup?

Chelc said...

Clau - That is the question for everyone, isn't it? For me - only in the rarest of times, when absolutely necessary!

vivzan said...

Great memory, Chelc and great question, Clau!

I recently tweeted (ha!) about how I no longer get my uncle's gadget hand me downs because I'm an "adult." I wondered, when the hell did that happen??


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