Thursday, March 12, 2009

Who's Watching the Watch-Man-Bits - Get Over it Already!

Andrew and I finally got our acts and schedules coordinated enough to get us out of the house and to the movie theater to see Watchmen. We didn't want to deal with all the crowds opening weekend, and we didn't want to wait and deal with more crowds this weekend. We had a half-full theater, and it was nice to enjoy the show...until the twittering started. And I'm not talking about the Internet app. I mean giggles, tee-hees, snorts, etc.

I'm not going to give away the movie, but if you've seen any of the trailers or stills, you've probably seen John, aka Dr. Manhattan, aka the glowing blue guy, and noticed his lack of clothing. Well, I was happy to see that the movie-makers showed a lot of maturity in showing him anatomically correct. We weren't hit over the head with it, but it was there for all to see if you wanted. And apparently the audience was not as mature as the movie-makers. Because they just couldn't seem to get past it.

Come on, people, it's almost a 3-hour movie - and about half the people in the world have one - are we really that uptight that it's something to giggle about through the entire movie?! And if you're old enough to get into the movie, shouldn't you be mature enough to deal with some nudity? I'm tired of movie-makers going to great lengths to cover up bits and pieces, when it's usually drawing more attention to them. In a movie that's already rated for "adults", it shouldn't be a big deal. We get woman parts all the time - isn't it time we stopped putting them only in a sexual situation, and just dealt with the fact that this what real life looks like?

Maybe I'm desensitized from having so many life drawing classes where I'm standing two feet away from a naked man and/or woman for three hours at a time, and there's no hollywood magic to make things look nicer or put it in a soft light. Or maybe I've just come to terms with the girl parts and boy parts like we learn about in grade school.

Then again, these are the people who were getting restless with the political and moral issues brought up by the movie - not because they were disturbed or provoked into thinking something, but because they were bored. It's not an action movie, even though there is action in it. If you notice with most comic books, they almost always have a moral or a political message. But how many of these people have actually read the comics these blockbusters come from? Plus, this audience was laughing heartily during the domestic violence/man beating up a woman scene, that was clearly set up to be a serious and disturbing scene.

Enough of the negative. It's just not worth it. I really did enjoy the movie once I ignored the audience noise. It is long, but I was glad they didn't rush it. We needed some time to cover all that historical background and really feel emotionally vested in the characters' lives. If you're on the fence about seeing this one, I'd actually recommend it more for those that aren't looking for a comic book blockbuster, and more for those who want to come away thinking about something. And now I'm going to search the garage yet again to see if I can't find the graphic novel once and for all and re-read it.


Steve Talkowski said...

well said and my thoughts exactly. However, the sex scene was pretty corny... ;)

vivzan said...

Agreed. I found it refreshing to see that the male bits were treated like it was no big deal. About time it's given equal screentime.


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