Thursday, March 5, 2009

WonderCon Loot - Part 1

I'm working on a write-up of how great WonderCon last weekend was, but in the meantime I figured I could at least share some pictures of the awesome loot we picked up while we were there! I got more than Andrew because I met a bunch of great artists I follow online, who were selling sketchbooks and generously drew a sketch and signed their books for me. I was so impressed with how down-to-earth and willing to chat they all were! It really was one of the biggest highlights of the con for me.

So here's what we got - good thing most are books, as we really don't have much wall space for hanging art!

We had to get a couple of t-shirts! Obviously Andrew's Godzilla obsession has rubbed off on me! Who could resist the Yeti and Godzilla by Gama-Go or Super7's origami Godzilla and King Ghidorah? And Andrew got a classic "you sunk my battleship!" shirt also by Super 7, since the collage of Godzilla monster silhouettes was sold out in his size.

I wandered all the aisles on Friday since there weren't many people there (little did I know just how crazy Saturday would be, or I would have talked to more of the artists on Friday!). I found this artist, Ryan Hungerford, at the Gnarfdeath booth and was instantly attracted to his style - very graphic, exaggerated, with a clear sense of humor. I loved this sketchbook - a mix of lucha libre, monsters, and pin-up girls. What more could a girl ask for? Well, I guess an artist who's excited to chat about it with her! I told him how much I liked his monsters, and he got excited talking about how they never got old to draw. So when I told him I wanted to buy his sketchbook, he was excited to draw me my very own pet monster in the front!

I love watching the artists draw their creations in front of me, because that's always one of the things I think about when I see the finished piece - what did they start with? Did they have a finished version in their head to begin with, or did it just develop? I think he felt bad just having me watch him draw in silence, because he tried to make conversation while drawing (not easy!), but I was happy just to watch how the drawing developed (this started with the mouth first, then head, body, horns and wings/spikes after, and ending with the fire and smoke clouds and writing). Also, I found it interesting how many of the artists do both traditional drawing and digital drawing - many do the line drawings traditionally and then scan them in and paint them digitally.

Bill Presing was also kind enough to chat with me for a while Friday when things were slow at his booth. I'd first seen his work at the Totoro Forest auction, and loved his pin-up girl style. I'd eyed this book, "Bookplate Betties", on his blog and at the Cartoon Art Museum bookstore, but once I saw he'd be at the con, I decided to wait and meet him in person. Plus, he was kind enough to draw me my own librarian pin-up in the front - another fun drawing to watch come to life in front of me! This book has a great feel to it, as well as having great art inside - fabric cover, heavy paper, which does the paintings justice. It was nice to hear how much pride and care he takes in choosing his publisher and approving the final copy. He also just released a print of his Totoro Forest auction piece as well - the original was snatched up by John Lasseter.

How's that to start with? I'll tackle Saturday's treats next post (or you can get a preview at my Flickr). Did I mention how much I love discovering new artists who love to talk about their work, and who are excited to see someone else appreciate it?

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vivzan said...

gotta love the battleship shirt!

I really loved hearing about your experiences with the artist and how much passion they have and kind they were. Fantastic.

OMG Bookplate Betties is gorgeous!


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