Monday, September 28, 2009

Chine-Collé Video

So, check it out. Eric, our instructor from our awesome linocut class at 3 Fish Studios this weekend, put up a post and video from our class on his blog. He captured the moment when I was experimenting with chine-collé, plus you get to see the press at work (well, me working on cranking the press!):

Once again, such an awesome class! And the reveal is so exciting - it really is like magic! Can you tell I'm totally hooked?


Clau said...

So, does the paper cut outs get stuck to the paper underneath? How does that work? I wanna know!!

Chelc said...

The paper I cut out has glue on the back (just a hit from a glue stick works), and the white paper is a little damp so I think it helps adhere the cut-outs to the white paper. And the ink and press help too. But mainly it's glue stick!

The hard part is cutting out the paper and then placing it on the plate correctly, since it's all inverted from the print.


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