Thursday, September 3, 2009

Maurice Sendak Speaks to Jonze's Movie

Usually waiting in the movie theater for the movie to start involves repetitive, boring trivia questions or ads. However, recently they've been showing featurettes at our local theater, and last week we had the good fortune to be able to see one on "Where the Wild Things Are". Not only was I interested in seeing some of the behind-the-scenes footage, but also on hearing Maurice Sendak's opinion on the movie.

See for yourself:

I love hearing some of the history of the book, but especially love Sendak saying that you can't talk down to the kids. This is the key to "children's" or "family" movies and books. Put it all out there and let the kids absorb it and interact with it as much as they can. These are how the classics have remained timeless, and how the parents cherish them just as much as the kids.

For me, this has just made me all the more excited to see this movie. If Spike Jonze can pull this off, it could easily become a new classic.

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