Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tattoo iPhone Case

Yesterday I was feeling rather grumpy, so I decided that maybe being creative and productive might work to de-grumpify me. I've been wanting to make an iPhone case for a while now, so I decided to tackle that. As much as I'm actually pretty happy with the result, it only put me in a partially better mood. However, now I'm quite happy to finally have a case for my iPhone, as I tend to throw it into a bag for class and it gets rather tumbled around. The next move is to get a screen protector as well, since I already have a little scratch on the screen - eek! Bugs me every time I see it.

I'm the kind of person who does a bunch of research on something, then thinks about what I would do differently, and throws most of it out the window when I start designing. I actually drafted a couple of sketches for this, and tried to think about what I would really use and want in my case. I added the pockets for the bluetooth and something else, like maybe earphones (two was a better use of space and keeping it one big pocket would have looked sloppy and more than likely resulted in things falling out.

I'm also a fabric collector - one who says, ooh, this would look really cool for a bag or a plushie or some other fun thing, or ooh, this would be a great base fabric for such-and-such. In other words, it's easy for me to find something the fabric would be great for. Then, later down the line I usually end up using it for something else. This time, though, I had found the perfect fabric for the lining - and it was a remnant of a red tag, so it was 75% off - score! And the tattoo fabric I had found a while back and knew I could do something fabulous with it!

Anyway, here's the result. Sorry for the grainy pictures, but I had to use my iPhone (hence it not actually modeling for any of the pics) since I lost the charger for our camera's battery - I'm working on that!

The brown fabric is faux suede and had a built-in foamy underside, so I didn't have to finish those edges since they won't unravel, and I didn't have to add any padding since it's already nice and squishy. And the tattoo fabric is black, although I was tempted to use the natural and light pink colorways I have as well - maybe for another project. The loops on the outside at the top are for a strap I'll most likely sew soon, or else to add a keyring/swivel hook to so I can connect it inside my big bag and not get tumbled around or lost.

The silver star buttons are ones I had in my collection from a while ago, and they just happened to fit the whole tattoo theme. I haven't decided if I love the buttons or not since they do slow down getting the phone out, but I didn't want snaps (pushing down on the screen sounded like a bad idea), and velcro just didn't sound like it would hold well enough. Time will tell, but velcro seems the next best option.

Next up I want to make a monster-themed one. I've sketched out some monster faces and just have to decide what makes the most endearing one for my iPhone to live inside its belly!


vivzan said...

oh oh oh! How much do I love this?!? I love that fabric and I love the case!!! WANT!

Arwen said...

These are NEAT. Do you make these types of things for others?

Chelc said...

Arwen - I could be convinced to put a few up on Etsy if people were interested. Right now I'm playing with putting a different-colored pocket on since I have the three colorways of the tattoo fabric. If you're really interested, let me know.

Dentist Fort Myers said...

Very creative indeed and being grumpy helps, since you are not expecting yourself to think anything, but just be yourself do what pleases you, and from there, the "creativeness" within you shows up. Well done!

skimwitted said...

How did I miss this post? This is absolutely darling! Have you been making others? Are you going to put them up on Etsy?


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