Sunday, November 8, 2009

Totoro Giant Plushie

I love browsing the web for fun things, and the Totoro-themed goodies never disappoint, except maybe because they're so expensive. One of these days I will get myself a plushie Cat Bus because I think it's completely adorable, even though some people might find it kind-of creepy. And with so many adorable Totoro toys out there, it's easy to get caught up.

When I came across this one, however, I melted. Don't let the small picture deceive you, this is 29 inches of sleeping Totoro plushy goodness (and don't go to the dirty place, because this is so not about that!).

Talk about a body pillow! I have trouble sleeping when Andrew's gone, and those long skinny things they call body pillows have never helped. But something like this you could sleep on and cuddle with - yeah, now that would do the trick! The $400 price tag, not so much. But this is the closest I've seen of recreating that wonderful scene in the movie where Mei is sleeping on Totoro's belly in the forest glen. Now that sounds like heaven to me!

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, see the movie!! But for now, here's the best vid I could find. Even though it's in German, it shows some of my favorite scenes in the movie, including where Mei (the adorable little girl) finds Totoro sleeping and climbs up on his belly:

Hmm, is it ironic that right now I'm wearing the Totoro t-shirt I got last time we were in Japantown?


Liz said...

Ok I must admit, the cheshire cat is a bit creepy for me but... I love the other stuff! it's adorable, original and fun.

Brady said...

That Totoro body pillow is adorable! I'd totally buy that for my wife but I agree, the $400 price tag is a little high


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