Monday, January 18, 2010

365 Bi-Weekly Round-Up #4

Oh goodness! I had this scheduled and it never published - user error, of course. Or I could blame it on the holiday. But here it is, nevertheless.

It's Sunday, and as promised, here's the 365 Project round-up from the second half of this week. I haven't been doing a whole lot out and about that I've been inspired to photograph (or forgotten to!), so I've been trying to find things around me that make me happy or that I thought would be fun to shoot. I have a feeling this is going to happen more and more often as the year goes on, considering we're only up to Day 17!

#14: Squirrel Acrobatics (Jan. 14)
I did not believe that any squirrels besides ground squirrels lived in our area until the past couple of months where I would see them periodically snatching pears off our trees in the backyard. The past week or so, two black squirrels (sometimes with a gray friend) chase each other around the now-barren pear trees, entertaining both myself and the cats. Apparently they like to eat the leaves, as that's what I caught this one doing in his acrobatic state. This was photographed through our screened window, so I had to re-saturate it, resulting in an accurate color and an interesting softness to it which I rather like in contrast to the gray day and barren branches.

#15: Things That Make Me Happy (Jan. 15)
Peet's coffee in my cup, freshly brewed to my standards (which, as many of you know, can be quite high) and my comfy and adorable knit Mary Jane slippers. All I need for a happy afternoon.
I've noticed with my photos taken with my regular (digital) camera that I tend to take 4-6 versions of the staged shots, playing with lighting and composition, but mainly with the depth of field and macro settings. Maybe this will help me to finally figure out how to do those manually and get what I want, although I'm sure I'll still take a few shots to make sure I get something I like. You just never can really tell until you view the photos on your computer.

#16: Cat Mask (Jan. 16)
I wasn't feeling particularly inspired by anything Saturday during the day, as the weather's been gray and preparing for the huge 2-3 weeks of El Nino storms we're supposed to be seeing any day now. So when I started photographing this, the dreadful lighting in our kitchen was just not working for me. Even without checking on the computer, I could tell the photos just weren't that interesting. So I took the mask off the wall and tried to get some more drama out of it by taking advantage of the lack of daylight, and sitting it on top of a lamp. I'm still not sure I like it, as I really would have rather not had the lamp show up in the picture, but hanging it on the wall for one photo seemed a little silly. I do find it interesting how, instead of looking scarier, as it would have with more contrast on the fangs and mouth, the focus is on the eyes, which look more wise and almost kind. Or perhaps I'm projecting!

#17: Navy Clock (Jan. 17)
I took this picture as an homage to my dad and my grandpa. My dad got this off his Navy ship when it was decommissioned after Vietnam, and later passed it along to me. And my grandfather just loved everything to do with clocks and passed that appreciation on to all of us. I love that this clock has a back piece that screws into the wall and then you unscrew the front to open it up when you need to wind it or set the time. There's also something indescribably satisfying about taking the metal key to wind it every week or so, and feeling the mechanics move as nothing digital will ever be able to.
You may notice I kicked up this photo a bit with a little frame and vignetting. It's thanks to this awesome iPhone app called Lo-Mob, and minus the fact that I have to use it on my iPhone, it's got some really cool options. You'll probably see more photos in the future with effects from this app.


vivzan said...

I've been really enjoying the treatments you've been adding to your photos, especially the clock. When I saw on flickr that it was taken with an iphone, I was impressed. I'll check out that app.

Chelc said...

Thanks Viv! Actually, not a whole lot was done to the clock pic, but it's a really fun app to play with. I looked at a bunch of filter options and actually liked the one closest to the original I took, so I guess that's a good sign! I took that photo originally with the digital camera, actually, and then put it on my iPhone to use the app and upload to Flickr from there. Confusing, yes, but you just can't get that resolution from the iPhone unfortunately.

vivzan said...

Today's photo I used that app and I really liked the treatment!

toothpick said...

love the photo of the clock! all this talk about the art of photography almost (almost) has me interested enough to learn! thanks for the inspiration. :-)


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