Sunday, January 10, 2010

365 Roundup #2

First of all, thank you to all of you encouraging me in this 365 Project! I'm really excited about it, and I think it's going to be so interesting to look back on. Already I'm intrigued by the variety in my photos. A few people asked about theme, etc. I'm just going along with what inspires me each day - it may be something describing my day, it may just be something I see that I'm compelled to photograph. I'm playing it by ear.

Sometimes I snap something with the iPhone (thus the lower quality, for which I apologize, but it's a much easier tool for candid shots, and thus more interesting). Sometimes I have the camera in hand and plan the shot better. Like I said, I'm winging it, and don't feel the need to constrict myself - at least not this time around!

And if you're itching to see even more photos, my friend Vivzan has started the 365 Project as well. The more the merrier, I say!

Since Flickr is not the most appealing way to always get the most out of photos (sorry, Flickr, I love you, but sometimes your interface kills me, especially on the iPhone!), I've decided to do a roundup of my 365 Project photos every few days.

So here's Friday through Sunday (that would be today, those of you playing along at home!):

#8: our Christmas mantle with Lou Pimentel's Cranston Fellows Jr. in the place of honor (a Christmas present from the hubby this year, with assistance from Miss Sakiwaki!). Posted Friday night in honor of the customs show, "When Hell Freezes Over", at My Plastic Heart that opened that night

#9: the gorgeous sunrise by the ocean, coming down the hill to our house after an early-morning airport run for some friends - this was taken with the iPhone, and I'm amazed it picked up as much as it did, although it is rather grainy

#10: today I finally got the hubby to play some Borderlands with me. He's been addicted to this game since he got it, so it was fun for me to get to experience it with him (even though the splitscreen does make things a lot more difficult, even with a big TV). I really enjoyed myself when he introduced me to the Siren character, who's a kickass redhead (I dyed her hair black for now, but she's still a redhead at heart) who likes to play with fire - and who he'd stocked with some rockin' weapons and cash.


vivzan said...

I can't wait to see what happens to all of us come day 85.

I really like your mantle and when I see that early morning photo, I think about that donut tweet.

Chelc said...

Viv, next time you come out here you have to try the buttermilk donuts! I thought about using the donut pic, but the sunrise won out :)


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