Monday, January 25, 2010

Bi-Weekly 365 Round-Up #6

So much for staying on track. Sorry guys. I blame it on the lure of the XBox and spending time playing video games with the hubby.

#22 Dreaming of Hawaii
The rainy weather continues, and my coffee mug from Kauai just makes me dream about sunny days in Hawaii.

#23 Love the Quebeansa!
Andrew made up one of the yummiest snacks/light meals a little while back, and we had it so often it needed a name. So we coined the term "quebeansa" (maybe I should trademark it) - queso, refried beans, and salsa - well this time we substituted chili for salsa, but it's a definite favorite and Andrew's made the combining of these simple ingredients a culinary art. Especially for a weekend of video games!

#24 Old-School Yosemite
No, I didn't take this photo on Jan. 24th, but I was having a lot of fun playing with Lo-Mob on my iPhone. And I loved the result of this photo I took while we were in Yosemite this fall. I liked the photo to begin with (you can check out the original here), but adding the old-school effects, it made me love it! Just looks like a postcard from the 60's to me.

I'm holding off on posting today's pic, but what's interesting is I've noticed a circle/arc theme developing, completely accidentally. No idea what it means, but it's interesting.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

nice effects on that picture! I agree it does look like a postcard form the 60's (granted i wasn't born then). very cool, makes me want to take a vacation already.


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