Friday, January 29, 2010

Bi-Weekly 365 Round-Up #7

Wow, I've really had a busy week and gotten behind, haven't I? Well perhaps I'll make this a weekly thing instead. But for now, here are Monday through Thursday.

#25 Ring Around the Burr Grinder
Monday I almost panicked when, while grinding the beans for my morning coffee, my burr grinder made a horrible noise and stopped working. Luckily I was able to take the big pieces apart and find a rock wedged in the burrs and eventually pried it out. That was a scary half hour there - before I'd even had my morning cuppa! And even though I'll keep buying that coffee-maker's beans, I'm immensely disappointed that there was a rock in with them. Now if it had actually broken my burr grinder, I would not be letting them off so easy! Thank goodness it's chugging along just fine now, and probably benefited from a little cleaning.

#26 Relief
I got my jury summons right after Christmas, and have dreaded the 26th ever since - even though I have two friends with birthdays on that day, so it should have been a good one! I get called very often, and every single time have had to go in and always get called to the courtroom, and have gotten called to the jury box three times. I usually have a good reason not to serve on the case, but in general courtrooms make me nervous and as much as I may enjoy Law & Order, I have no desire to actually serve on a jury.
Needless to say, when I checked the website the night before and saw that I was on call for the afternoon of the 26th, I was still nervous, as this has happened before and I ended up called in that afternoon and then had to sit in the courtroom for another 3 days without being able to even entertain yourself sitting on uncomfortable wooden pews. But when, that afternoon, the website said I DID NOT HAVE TO GO IN, not only was I a
mazed, but literally did a little dance and screamed (and scared the cats to no end). So perhaps it was good luck to be called on the same day as two friends' birthdays! I am now safe for another 12 months...

#27 Pine Needles
Wednesday is trash night, and a good motivator to throw together our recycling we've ignored for the week. And in this case, it was our green week and I couldn't stand to have the fire hazard that our Christmas tree had become sit around for another 2 weeks before the next green pickup. So I dragged it out at 1am, and left the needles to be dealt with later. And there are a lot of needles left behind! But, hey, we got it out before February! I do miss the true pine smell, though. Why is it the "pine" scent never smells like the real thing?

#28 Spaceship Console
OK, OK, so it's only my car console as taken driving back from a girls' night out. What's funny is that it was just 4 of us eating good food and enjoying good conversation, but it was really fun, and we closed the restaurant down for the night! You know it's late when your waiter says goodnight and goes home an hour before you leave! But I was enjoying myself so much (maybe I've just been too hermit-y lately), that I forgot to take any pictures of the evening. So instead you get late-night rather abstract shots of my car interior as I tried to stay awake on my 40-minute drive home. Fun fact: when I first saw red lighting as the interior, I thought it was so strange. But it's actually better for your night vision. Now if only they could ban those horribly bright halogen lights that completely ruin my night vision!

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