Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bi-Weekly 365 Round-Up #5

OK, so I'm off by a day on this round-up, but I'll make it up this weekend!

Without further ado, here are the beginning of this week's 365 photos.

#18: Wedding Dress Shopping
Monday I took the day to help my sister shop for her wedding dress. The good news is that she found one! And this is not it - I'm not ruining the surprise for the groom by posting it beforehand, just in case! But the lacy vintage-y feel of this dress felt like it needed some black and white.

#19: Bay Bridge Drive
After a long but fun day of wedding dress shopping, a yummy Mexican food dinner, and hours of wedding chatting with the sis, I finally made the trek home from the East Bay. The good news is that the traffic at that time of night/morning is much easier to deal with. Plus it gave me the opportunity to appreciate the lights of the city as I crossed the Bay Bridge.
I used Lo-Mob again to play up the blur and moody lights in this photo.

#20: Cirque Du Soleil
One of my Christmas presents from the wonderful hubby was tickets to see Cirque Du Soleil "Ovo" in the city, and last night was that exciting night. I was worried that, what with the wind, rain, lightning and thunder, hail, and cold that they might postpone the performance, but they said rain or shine and they followed through! The tent was toasty warm and we forgot all about the crazy weather once the performances swept us away. This was truly an amazing show, and if you have the opportunity, I highly recommend seeing it for yourself!
I liked the juxtaposition of the fancy circus with the low-brow concession fare of popcorn, hotdogs, and soda!

#21: Little Balls of Frozen Water
As I mentioned with the last photo, we've been getting crazy weather this week. So when the skies turned from overcast to black, I knew something was on its way. I didn't expect a dumping of hail in 2 minutes that covered the ground - and even stuck around for a good 2 hours! I love how hail is so round and each piece has a story as the water droplets freeze, start to fall, and get sucked back up into the cloud to start the process over again until they're so heavy they finally make it all the way to the ground. These didn't make many cycles since they're pretty tiny, but still cool-looking.

OK, that should hold you over till Sunday when we catch up again. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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toothpick said...

love the antiquey vintage feel of the dress shot! and the balls are great!!


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