Friday, January 15, 2010

Papercut Stop Motion Animation

I came across this gorgeous stop motion animation from a post at Craft, who link to this gorgeous blog "All About Papercutting". So not only was I introduced to this amazing animation, but a lovely new blog to peruse as well! I have to control myself though, because papercrafting is something I only dabble in (mainly with origami), and I need to limit my hobbies, if only for the lack of space to house the materials. Instead I will just have to enjoy Elsita's gorgeous work.

A little about the animation - it was commissioned by the New Zealand Book Council, and I was so engrossed with the animation and papercutting that I didn't listen to the words at all. But I do love the New Zealand accent, so that added to my distraction as well! Andersen M Studio is the London-based studio that put together the fantastic animation, entitled "Going West".

Take a gander, and even if you aren't as enthralled as I was, make sure you watch the very end, which drives the point home and may be my favorite part of the whole thing. Ah, I just love it!

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Anonymous said...

i have to say, i watched this again and i absolutely adore it. it's crazy what people can do sometimes. Makes me want to stop by the NZ Book Council and give them a high five in the face for how awesome it is lol. I'd probably be put on the next plane back to America though :)


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