Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bi-Weekly 365 Round-Up #10

Oh, goodness. I apologize for completely getting waylaid on this week's round-up. I blame it on loss of power this weekend and, uh, general insanity? spending time with the husband? And ironically, some of my favorite photos so far were in this batch.

#43: Crow
The crows at the beach where I walk are numerous, and very jaded by humans. I took this with my iPhone, so if you have one yourself, you know there's no zoom - so you know I had to be close to this guy to get this shot. I saturated it a bit and cropped it with Lo-Mob, but it's pretty close to what I originally took. I don't know what it is that appeals to me so much about this photo, but I really like it. And I also think crows get a bad rap.

#44: Pancakes and Honey
This is one of those rare shots that I took quickly with the iPhone and ended up really being happy with. I put the pancakes on top of the honey just so they'd be in the shot and not showing so much of our icky white stovetop. I added a bit of vignetting with Lo-Mob, but all the coloring and composition are the original pic.

I really like how the honey jar circles are echoed with the pancake circles, and how the brown of the honey plays off the brown of the pancakes, and that bit of lime color adds just that little color it needs. The pancakes and citrus blossom honey were delicious as well!

#45: Valentine's Quilling
I've wanted to try paper quilling fora while now, and just never had a good reason to. But when my sister mentioned doing it for Valentine's Day cards, I asked if she minded if I did some as well (since we were giving them to the same people!). I made these hearts in about 15 minutes, and that was mainly for cutting the paper and trying to make sure I was doing the shapes correctly since they seemed so simple. And, in fact, it is very simple to make the shapes. The complexity - and real fun - is in figuring out how to put them together so that they make the design or figure you want.

Check out my Flickr photostream for the ones my sis did - she got really creative, and did such a lovely job!

#46: Impromptu Crab Feast!
Valentine's Day my sis called and asked if we wanted to come over for an impromptu crab feast - yes please! Unoriginal photo composition due to more of a desire to eat than take cool pic!

#47: Laptop Mouse Return
After a few failed attempts at a wireless laptop mouse, I came across the Logitech Nano, which has been great. I can't do without the forward and back buttons for Internet searching, but I need something to act as a middle mouse button for using Maya as well. This fit the bill, had a tiny USB connector that wouldn't get smooshed and break, and the connector fit inside the mouse and turned off the functionality when I wasn't using it. All great, right? Until the left mouse button started double-clicking when I was single-clicking. Not fun. With a little Internet research, I found that I was not the only person having this problem, and went to Logitech's site to have it RMA'd. I only had a few problems with the the tech support (um, assuming I'm a man right off the bat - not a good start), and finally got the UPS label to return it.

I just got the notification today that my new one is on its way. I hope it comes quickly, because using the TouchPad hurts just to think about it, and although my normal desktop mouse is
doing the trick for now, I miss my lovely little wireless one! I know, I could make it easier and just use my desktop, but then I'd have to transfer all my files and clean the office and - well, this was an easier solution!

#48: The Hotel in the Mist
Our lovely, sunny days lately have been rare, so when we had one last Wednesday, I took advantage with an impromptu mini-hike. I went up the same area as I usually do, but approached it from the other side, which I hadn't done by myself before. Next time I think I'll wait till I have a friend with me, as the shale is pretty loose, mud only makes things worse, and the trails run pretty steep and very close to the ocean. I had fun scrambling along, though, and came down the backside of the hill, which meets up with this paved path.

In the distance is the hotel Andrew and I got married at, and the lighting was lovely as it was just before dusk and the mist was just forming as the day cooled off. The iPhone played up the contrasts, but no tweaking on this one.

#49: Like An Old Hotel
Once a week I visit my mom at the place she's staying for part-time nursing care. It's a lovely building, and I like to pretend it's more like a historic old San Francisco hotel than a care facility (which isn't too far-fetched, as they do rent rooms and have some long-term residents). This is the front door and the balcony above it. I really wanted a picture of the turrets on the sides, but they were too dark for the iPhone to pick up. And they have the trees lining the walkway lit all year, which is very cheery.

I just realized that all of these, except one, were snapped with the iPhone. And Lo-Mob is still a great tool to put a little extra oompf on my pictures, although it really does work more effectively if there's a good photo to work with.

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toothpick said...

i love the crow shot - great colors! it looks ominous! and i also really love that the crow let you get that close.


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