Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bi-Weekly 365 Round-Up #8

Well, I'm trying this as a weekly round-up, but I'm not sure - it may be too many pics for one post. As always, if you have thoughts on the matter, I'd love to hear them!

So, starting off with last Friday (yes, it's been that long!):

#29 Stormy Sunset
The benefit of all this crazy stormy weather lately is that we've had some amazing skies and sunsets when it does clear. This I caught with my iPhone sitting at a red light on my way to visit my mom in the city. It's funny, but my iPhone gets the saturation better than the digital camera, for some reason.

#30 Blue Silhouette
Saturday the storm really broke and we had an amazing, sunny, warm day. I took advantage and went for a walk along Mori Point, which is where I usually take my nature walks. It was great to see the wildlife and enjoy the warm air. Even though the ground was still damp, I still sat on the cliff and just watched the very strong waves for a while. This guy was doing the same, standing with his mountain bike, and the picture was just right there. I did play up the colors with Lo-Mob (my favorite go-to photo app), but I liked the original a lot too.

You can check it out on my Flickr, along with a bunch of other pictures I took with my iPhone that day. Oh, how I wish I had not forgotten to bring the battery for my real camera, but perhaps it means it was just meant to be enjoyed!

#31 Curled Up Tight
Sunday was a nice, cozy, relaxing day, and Sofie decided to take advantage. I love how she's curled up so tight here, with even her tail curled around and her paw over her face and the other paw as the only thing sticking out. Oh, to have such few worries!

#32 Pink Skies at 2pm
After having such a great day Saturday on my nature walk, I decided to go again on Monday. The scene was very different, as the stormy weather was coming in again, but the water was actually quite calm as compared to the rough seas on Saturday. What struck me most was how the sky, at 2pm, had already started showing the pinks that would develop hours later into another gorgeous sunset. See, it's not always foggy here! Oh, and there's a lovely pelican in between the two rocks on the left in the photo. Love the pelicans!

By the way, I've remember how lovely it is to walk here, so you can expect more photos of this area. I hope you don't mind! I've also discovered that I enjoy snapping pictures with the iPhone because I c
an just pull it out, take a true snapshot of what I'm enjoying, and then go back to enjoying it. It doesn't mean I won't use the real camera anymore, just that this is a surprising realization.

#33 My Buddies
Some days you just feel like catching up on your movies. And thank goodness the XBox 360 can play DVDs and stream Netflix, because our DVD player broke a few months ago, and I'd be going a little crazy otherwise. For the record, I got started on "True Blood" for the first time, and it's started to suck me in (no pun intended!) with its cheesy but amusing story - most of the time. About halfway into season 1, and it's sometimes hit or miss. But I'll watch the rest - just to see where it goes! (Oh, and Lo-Mob FTW here with the little extra film frame and vignetting.)

#34 Glue Guns and Wine
Yes, sometimes they can go together! I decided to finally do something with those wine corks we've been collecting for years now, and cut them in half and glued them into the back of one of my canvases to make a bulletin board for my craft room. I'm still 12 corks shy, though - who wants to come over and help us out?! I also plan on putting some cute paper or fabric around the edges so it doesn't look so unfinished.

#35 Red Black and Blue
It was a pretty nasty night last night when I went to visit my mom - we had rain and some pretty gusty winds, which combined made narrow lanes, crazy/stupid city drivers, and hydroplaning just so much fun...But stopped at a red light driving home, I got this really interesting shot. I played it up and squared it off with Lo-Mob, but (once again) I liked the original shot a lot too. Funny how little shots you grab with the iPhone can turn out so much more interesting once you get them onto your computer.

So there you go - interesting week. It's funny how some days I have a ton of pictures to choose from, and others I have to struggle to find something interesting to photograph. One week into the second month, though, and I'm still glad I'm doing the project. It will be interesting to see how original I can keep it as the weeks and months wear on, though. Hope you guys are enjoying them too!


vivzan said...

Iphone: I agree and it's the future of cameras. It's the most desirable situation: the camera is always available and multi-functional for your average user. Lo-Mob has increased the looks I can achieve out of it, increasing the artistic possibilities.

It's like a polaroid in its simplicity.

I was introduced to another analog photo app: hipstamatic. It's not as user friendly as lo-mob.

toothpick said...

i love your pics and super extra love that you post them to your blog! it's always a treat to view!


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