Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bi-Weekly 365 Round-Up #9

Another week of pictures for my 365 project. Some days are a lot tougher to think of what I want to photograph, but sometimes those quick shots I do with my iPhone turn out to be some of my favorites. Hope you guys are enjoying them as well.

#36 FabMo Fun
Friday I finally got to go down to FabMo, which is an amazing (and free - you donate what you want!) organization that collects fabric samples of varying sizes from designers and companies that are just going to throw them away. They let anyone who makes an appointment (so that they can keep the groups of people manageable) come in and take whatever you like. They just ask that you take what you will use, and leave the rest for others. It's a great way to keep nice materials from ending up in a landfill, and also to allow those of us on a budget a great way to collect nice fabrics. They even allow you to sell things you make from the fabrics, you just can't resell the fabrics as they are. I think I'll have to do a post just on them.

#37 Fight Night
Andrew and I really enjoy MMA, especially UFC and Strikeforce. We've been to see both - I bought tickets for Andrew to UFC way back in NJ when it was still pretty new, and Strikeforce is the forerunner in fights in CA since they finally legalized it just a few years ago. And, along with our fight night this past Sat., we enjoyed a bevy of finger foods - potstickers, taquitos, pizza rolls - and a salad to "balance" it all out! Oh, and a good glass of wine to wash it all down.

#38 Dessert
I have a weakness for chocolate. And coffee. So I like to cap off my dinner and evening with those. Andrew, likes an extra helping of steak. I guess we balance each other out that way. (And yes, he does enjoy eating it with the santoku knife he uses for chopping and cooking prep. Because, hey, it's already dirty, right?) (Lo-Mobbed to wash it out even more)

#40 Cat in the Box
Umm, I think we got a little extra something in our new DVD player box. But I guess we already know that cats just can't resist a brand new box to play with. Usually it's Sofie who's the first in the new box, but this time Wally just couldn't resist. (Thanks to Lo-Mob for the fun frame.)

#41 Rainbow Waves
I've been taking more mini-hikes lately at my favorite beach/cliff trail area by our house, and I love how each day I go it's always different. The wildlife have been plentiful, with the normal birds, but also lately some seals or sea lions (hard to tell from that far away), and dolphins. And also, I noticed, while sitting on my favorite cliff looking out over the ocean, that when the wind and the waves and the sun hit just right, you can get rainbows behind the waves. So cool to sit and watch. (This one has a lot more impact in the larger size on Flickr.)

#42 Lovely Lamp
The place my mom has been staying while in need of nursing care has some very nice people. It also happens to be a beautiful building in San Francisco that looks like an old hotel or mansion. There are even turrets! They've done a great job with the exterior, and these giant lamps on either side of the front door catch my attention every time I come in. (Lo-Mobbed to desaturate and vignette)

#43 Juxtaposition
It was too funny seeing the health store right next door to the See's Candies store, especially with Valentine's Day so close. This was on Thursday and there was already a huge line. What's even funnier is that just to the left is a See's Candies kiosk - you know, in case you didn't want to walk the 10 extra steps to go into the actual store. I just felt sorry for the people trying to avoid temptation on their way to get their protein powder and vitamins.

And that makes 7 for the week. What I am liking about this weekly round-up is that I get to see any themes in my pictures. This week I seemed to focus more on what I was up to, as opposed to a pretty picture or an item or interest. I'll be curious to see how next week unfolds.

As always, I love to hear your thoughts - either here or on my Flickr account (which has yesterday and today's pictures, in case you just can't wait till the next round-up). And I'm sorry the blog has only focused on the 365 Project lately. I'm working to change that.

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