Monday, March 1, 2010

Bi-Weekly 365 Round-Up #11

OK, so let's get this bus back on track - or should I say RV, looking at the first picture?!

#50: Beveled RV
Last Friday, it was pretty quiet around the house. Until our neighbors across the street decided to have their old RV towed by a ginormous flat-bed truck. I was rather nervous it was going to hit the cars in the street, but luckily there were no such incidences and the RV was successfully towed.

This was taken through the beveled glass on our front door window, and I liked the kaleidoscope effect.

#51: Invasion of the Fruit Flies
Saturday morning, the smells of the hubby cooking up some eggs and hash, coffee a-brewing...and the invasion of the fruit flies. Eww. Just what I needed to ruin the beginnings of a great weekend. Apparently a half-bunch of bananas had fallen behind the fruit basket on the counter and, in their decaying, become home to an ever-growing family of fruit flies. Only a few still linger, and the kitchen has been sanitized more in the past few days than in the last few months! I spared you the nasty bananas and fruit fly nest, but liked how this picture (thanks again to my iPhone and Lo-Mob) made a gross situation interesting to look at.

#52: Coraline isn't scared when the lights go out
We live on a block that has power issues. The rest of the city could be using as much electricity as possible, and have no problems, while we could have nothing running whatsoever and have the power go out for days. So even though there was only a light drizzle on Sunday and no wind or nastiness to the weather, we weren't all that shocked when the power went out. But of course, it was just as the light was fading. We always have flashlights and candles ready, but a few minutes after lighting them all, I decided to take Andrew up on his suggestion of going to a movie - just as he was getting into his book! Let's just say he's better about reading in low-light than I am.

For this picture, the set-up was already done. I just figured out the angle I liked and snapped it. With this one, I really like the eerie glow on her face and her mischievous half-grin.

#53: Serpentine Building
Monday we were gifted a gorgeous sunny day, which was perfect for my sister's and my trip into the Dogpatch area of SF to visit 3 Fish Studios. I love this building, and the typography on the outside makes me happy. You can see the whole building on my Flickr.

#54: Giant Steps
On our trip to the Dogpatch on Monday, my sis indulged my coffee pursuits by walking the 2 blocks to Piccino, the little coffee shop that brews and sells the Blue Bottle coffee I've heard so much about. Unfortunately they were serving a Yergecheffe, which is not my favorite, but they had also just gotten a shipment of freshly-roasted beans in, so I bought a half pound of their stronger Giant Steps to try at home. I have too many thoughts for this little spot, but so far I enjoy it, although it's not what I was expecting. Too many African influences, perhaps. I need to try it French Pressed to really see what I think.

#55: Pin-Up Aloha Shirt
I finally finished this shirt! I've made 3 hawaiian shirts for Andrew before, and for some reason this one was the toughest. I think it's because I had to re-make the pattern, and I didn't make it as clean and precise as the first one I drafted (off a shirt that fit Andrew well). I guess it's time to re-draft the pattern since I've still got other fabric to make into shirts! I love this fabric, though, and knew it had to be a shirt as soon as I saw it. And the buttons are, of course, real coconut!

Frame and filter thanks to Lo-Mob (I thought the old-school, faded styling was appropriate for the subject).

#56: Yellow Flowers
Not my most inspired photo, but I was pretty tired after visiting my mom on Thurs. night. These are the flowers we passed at the nurses' station, and I always am interested to see their new arrangements every week. I was intrigued by the large fuzzy ones, as I hadn't seen those before. I should look up what they are.

I noticed a blue theme for the middle of the week. Interesting. It is my favorite color...

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