Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bi-Weekly 365 Round-Up #13

Alright, we're gonna get back on track with the round-ups!

#64: Spying on the Kikutowne Totoro
Sometimes you can catch the elusive Kikutowne Totoro around feeding time, with his little friend helping feed him. But you must be very quiet or he might fly away!

I took this with the iPhone (which I've been using for most of the pictures I've taken recently), and I like how the graininess adds to the "Wild Kingdom"/Bigfoot sighting feel of it.

#65: Petal Pillow
Not bad for a few hours work! Of course, it helps that I followed a great tutorial. This was a present for my niece's 13th birthday, but I think I might make one of these for us too.

#66: Blueberry Pancakes
I am very proud of myself for making blueberry pancakes from waffle mix on Saturday morning. It may sound silly, but it's something that Andrew always makes, and my dad would always make for us as kids, so I never learned how to make them. And, truthfully, they're a lot easier than I thought they would be!

#67: Spirals
Inspiration comes from the oddest places sometimes. This was just a glass of Sprite with cranberries in it, but I loved how they circled around the ice cube. I just wish it wasn't so grainy from the iPhone (as much as I love the iPhone, it just doesn't do well in low light).

#68: Frozen Thin Mints
Yep, it's Girl Scout cookie time again, and we've got the hook-up with my niece. And the minute those cookies came home, the Thin Mints went right into the freezer. Yum!

#69: It's A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood...
...won't you be my neighbor. Ah, years of Mr. Rogers and his cardigans. But really, after all the crazy weather we've been having lately, the gorgeous day we got on Wednesday was even more welcome. I spent the day driving to the East Bay with my mom, and when we drove back into the city, we took the scenic route because it was so gorgeous. This is the view out her window, of Mount David and Sutro Tower.

#70: Mail from Pixar!
It's not a job offer, but it's still awfully cool. I follow @TheDailyPostIt on Twitter, and he had a contest to see who could come up with the best caption for the post-it on the right. My line was "when sock puppets go bad" and I won! Aaron is an animator at Pixar, hence the awesome stationery. He also included his signature post-it. Now to figure out where to hang these!

Themes for this week? All my photos were taken with the iPhone this week. That's a first. I guess it's a testament to how busy things were. And three pictures in a row of food - can you tell what I'm interested in?

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