Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bi-Weekly 365 Round-Up #15

Oh goodness, however did life get so crazy that I haven't updated this blog in ages?! Perhaps it all started with that twisted ankle I ended on last time. The point is that it was and is crazy, but I've actually been enjoying some of my 365 pictures lately, so I'm going to put the last few weeks of round-ups up. I thought about picking favorites, but I actually like the idea of looking back week by week, even though there are some not-so-favorite pictures in there. So here goes.

#78: Circus Birthday Party Invite
My sister loves all things related to the circus, and has apparently passed this gene along to her youngest. So for my niece Meghan's 3rd birthday, it was circus-themed. And my sister went to a lot of trouble to make this card. Isn't it adorable? And you all thought I was crafty!

#79: Clothespin Acrobat
Again with the craftiness, my sis had craft activities for the birthday party. However, the other activities (like an obstacle course, face painting, and just playtime in general) went over so well that the kids never got to this fun one - making acrobats out of wooden clothespins, decorating them, and evening out their weight with pennies so that they could sit balanced on fishing line and slide up and down. I helped her make one with a skirt and parasol (a.k.a. drink umbrella). So cute!! (This pic lo-mobbed for extra drama.)

#80: Pear Blossoms
It's funny to look back at this now that spring is in full swing, but when I took this pic, things were just starting to come out. We're lucky enough to have three pear trees in our backyard (all different types, but I don't really know what they are). I love how the blossoms look, and Lo-Mob added that saturation and vignetting to give it that extra oompf.

#81: Bulletin Board
This is my wine cork bulletin board, which I added fabric to around the sides of the canvas to look more finished and happy. I also took two different sizes of bulldog clips I got from the wonderful Japanese dollar (and a half) store and glued flat pins to the back. This way I can clip things up that I don't necessarily want pin holes through. Plus I just love the look of bulldog clips!
#82: VIP Special Screening
I love Twitter, especially when it gets me free special VIP tickets to a screening of How to Train Your Dragon three days before it's released! Thanks again, Animation Mentor! I absolutely loved this movie - I'd venture to say it's the best animated film Dreamworks has ever put out, and amongst my top animated films ever. Plus it's the first time I've seen 3D work well and actually complement the film instead of distracting me from it. If you haven't seen it yet, go!

#83: Plushie Door Blocker
I made one of these for my sister for Christmas. She lives in Tahoe and had specifically asked for a draft door blocker for those chilly nights. Well, it had been chilly here too lately, so I decided we should have our very own - but hers is tiger-striped, so we get the leopard print. He kinda still needs a head, though.

#84: Easter Hyacinth
My sis gave my mom this hyacinth for spring/early Easter. It was so pretty with the blue/purple against the cute basket and smelled amazing, but unfortunately it didn't last very long. At least it cheered up her room for a little while.

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