Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bi-Weekly 365 Round-Up #16

OK, let's get this next week going...

#85: Plushie Cranston Show-Down
Sakiwaki from I Heart Cool Stuff asked me a few months back if I could help her with an idea she had for a present for Lou Pimentel and his baby on-the-way. I already loved Lou's Cranston Fellows Jr. figure, so of course I was thrilled to make a plushie version of that for her. I enjoyed making them so much that I ended up making four instead of just the one. It was too fun playing with fabrics and prints! You can read Saki's story about it on I Heart Cool Stuff. Pics of the two Lou got (the non-prints) are on my Flickr.

#86: Redbud Tree
I am really happy with this picture, partly because I snapped it pretty quickly, and partly because I love the colors and depth of field. It was a last-minute trip to Napa and Sonoma counties looking for wedding sites with my sis. All-in-all a long day, but nice to spend time with my sis.

#87: Wally in Ranunculus Land
I usually don't keep flowering plants in the house for fear of the cats eating them, but I saw these ranunculus in the garden section and loved their flowers so I decided to pick one up. The cats are very sniffy and curious around them, but no munching, thank goodness. Pic lo-mobbed for added contrast.

#88: Fresh Sourdough Bread
I am a huge sucker for fresh bread, especially sourdough - the sourer the better! So when my sis and I stopped in a bakery in St. Helena on the trip on Sunday, I had to pick up some extra sour fresh-baked sourdough along with our afternoon iced coffee and cookies! You can't tell me that doesn't look amazing, and the smell and flavor to go along with it were just as fantastic. I really must learn how to make a good sourdough.
Pic: no editing on this one, and pretty nice macro focus for the iPhone, I thought.

#89: Crafty Lightswitch Cover
I've been wanting to change out the kiddie butterfly lightswitch cover that's been in the house from the previous owners, but never had a chance to go out and get a fresh plain one. Then I saw a tutorial online for covering one in fabric or paper, and of course had to try it for myself! This fabric will match the chair I've been working on recovering (got a little side-tracked on that one. Oops!). Pic lo-mobbed for vignette and making a little more interesting.

#90: Environment Modeling
I haven't taken any classes this semester since technically I'm graduated, but I had signed up for this half-semester class back in December since it's always good to learn more. I found out that they changed the teacher to a former classmate and friend of mine, so I wasn't sure how much I'd learn in the class, but it's been good to get me back into Maya and having a deadline for homework and classes again. And my classmate really is a master of modeling environments in Maya for video games, so he's great to teach this class. Our first assignment was to model a warehouse, which we're then going to lay out UVs for and texture. I designed this off of a real-life warehouse updated into housing (with a few architectural changes I threw in).

#91: Pampero Venezuelan Rum
Andrew's always been a fan of rum (especially the rum and Coke), and introduced me to this lovely Venezuelan rum. It comes in a fancy leather pouch that I feel like I need to find something to do with when the rum's gone. But if you're into dark spiced rum, try this out. Oh so tasty!
Pic lo-mobbed for vignetting and saturation.

Alright, two weeks down, two to go! It's kind-of fun going back through what I did for the last month.

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