Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bi-Weekly 365 Round-Up #17

Are you guys in picture overload yet? Two more weeks to go for catch-up. And as always, since I'm obviously not consistent on these posts, you can visit my Flickr account for updates as they happen.
#92: WonderCon Spoils
Day 1 of WonderCon and I picked up a few goodies. There are a few things to go back for, but I'm being good and only picking what I really like/can't get elsewhere, as well as supporting artists I like that don't get a lot of exposure.

#93: Japantown Peace Pagoda
Another long day at WonderCon ends in Japantown for some toy industry parties/openings. I love Japantown, and had a lot of fun at the WonderCon panels, as well as meeting more of the artists and toy vendors. But man, I was worn out!

#94: Rainy Easter Bay Bridge
Easter brought a rainy, icky day where I was feeling the same as the weather. I think something nasty was going around WonderCon. Nevertheless, we headed over to the East Bay for Easter with the family at my sister's. I don't remember much of it now, and spent the evening bundled in blankets, but the nieces cuddled with me anyway! I distracted myself on the long drive by taking pictures. I love the Bay Bridge in general, and especially liked this part where it curves (eastbound is underneath, westbound is on top of this double-decker bridge).
Pic: little bit of Lo-mobbing to enhance the desaturation and blur.

#95: Bay Bridge Return
Well, Monday proved to have whatever I caught at WonderCon, really hitting me. So I pulled up this pic I took on the way home Sunday night. Yes, the Bay Bridge again, and yes, blurry. But I liked the Lo-Mob black and white treatment, as well as tidbits of the city in the background. All that blurriness was pretty much how I was feeling anyway. The migraine I had all day Monday kept me from wanting to open my eyes, let alone look at a screen.

#96: Kitty Company
There's not much better than having warm, cozy, happy sleeping companions when you're feeling crappy. I love when their eyes smoosh up so much, and you just know they're happy.

#97: Slurpee Weather!
Whether it be the rest I got or the sunshine finally coming out after some windy, rainy days, I was finally starting to feel better! So much better, in fact, that I felt I deserved a Slurpee treat. And I went for the new Jarritos Mandarin mixed with the Kratos (from God of War III) Blackberry Lime and a little classic cherry thrown in for good measure. It's a Slurpee - you have to mix flavors!

#98: Yay. Taxes.
Blech. Tax time again. For the past 5+ years I've done taxes for my mom, and did my own since college (until recently when our first year of joint/married taxes did me in). Mom's taxes have gotten a lot easier, especially with how organized she is, but it's still a lot of work to go through and keep her from stressing out. When dealing with money (specifically a lack thereof), it's hard not to stress out.
Pic: I liked how I got the reflection of the lovely sunny day outside, while I was stuck inside doing icky money stuff.

Hey kids, see that? One more week down. One to go for being caught up. Hooray! With all that's been going on, it's a miracle I can remember all this stuff. Going to be fun to look back on my whole year when all this is over. The 365 Project is great for chronicling my days, I really must say.

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