Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bi-Weekly 365 Round-Up #18

Last week to get caught up on the pics. Hooray! You can tell from last week that I wasn't doing a lot with creativity, Lo-Mob, etc., but I'm happy I was able to put something up just the same. It's like looking at your handwriting in your journal - even without reading the pages, you can tell how you were feeling just from the handwriting style. Now that's something just can't replicate (unless you start picking fonts, and that's a whole different can of worms).

#99: Snail Journey
Saw this little guy while I was weeding. Normally I'd worry about the snails and slugs eating my veggies and flowers, but since I hadn't planted most of those yet, this little snail looked pretty cute wandering up the side of the house. Where he was headed I have no idea, but I like the composition on this - accidental composition actually, since the sun was so bright I could barely see the screen on the phone. I added a little Lo-Mobbing to lighten the pic.

#100: And More Rain...
Well, so much for planting my veggies. After spending the day picking them out, I got home and of course the rain hit. And then it didn't stop for a few more days. Guess my veggies are going to have to wait. Very excited in hoping I can actually get my garden to work this year, though.

#101: Wally Paw
Now that I've started this class, I have to work at my desktop (normally I'm at my laptop on the couch, which I don't recommend for ergonomics at all - it's a bad habit). Wally loves that now he can crawl in my lap and snuggle, but he forgets that he can't stretch out like he could on the couch or the bed. He always loves to push against me with his paws, and no matter how much room, he'll find a way. Taken with the iPhone for ease of use.

#102: Apartment Hunting
Taking Mom around to find assisted living apartments that she's happy is not a fun job. But it is a little more entertaining when the 3-year-old niece comes along for the ride! Lo-Mobbed out to make a little more interesting, and played with blur a bit with TiltShift Generator app.

#103: SFSU Architecture
I had the pleasure of a last-minute invite to a lecture at San Francisco State University by my former animation teacher. It was only about 100 people listening to Jonas Rivera speak informally and answer questions about his history at Pixar, as well as his ups and downs in producing "Up". It was a fantastic talk, but ended pretty late and night and I had a bit of a walk home. The campus is pretty dark, but luckily pretty safe, and I had fun snapping (quick) pics of the interesting architecture.
Pic: only added some blur with TiltShift Generator - not bad saturation for low-lighting with the iPhone.

#104: Sunny Bay Bridge
Yes, it's yet another picture of the Bay Bridge. My sis went on vacation for the week and needed a little kitty check-in, so I took advantage of the sunshine and my sunroof and enjoyed the view. Well, really I just held my iPhone up and hit the button when I thought it would be a good time, and prayed that I aimed somewhere close to where I wanted to be. I was so happy with how this pic turned out, I couldn't believe it. No editing whatsoever on this one. And yes, I do love the Bay Bridge! It's so overshadowed by the Golden Gate. But that's okay - fewer tourists to deal with!

#105: Bracket Spray Painting
Finally getting the brackets for my shelves painted from the plain silver metal to a basic white. And of course the minute I get those babies sprayed, the wind picks up and the sun goes away. Weather, why do you hate me so much?!
Pic: Lo-Mobbed to vignette and saturate.

I can't believe I'm finally caught up! Definitely some of these pics were better than others, but I'm glad I take them even if I know they're not going to be my best work. I'd rather have something and keep going to the next day, than not have anything to show for it. Hope the rest of you doing the project are keeping up and still having fun!

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