Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Quick Check-In!

Hello anyone who's still out there!

I'm so sorry for temporarily abandoning my happy little blog. Let's just say that the last 3 months have been extremely stressful and exhausting. Most of my time has been spent down at my mom's, helping her to find new housing, part-time nursing assistance, oh, and then downsizing her from a 2-bedroom to a studio apartment. Not to mention all the things that were left from previous moves in storage that we've slowly been making our way through. Not fun, although there have been a few cool things we've discovered!

The good news is that the hubs and I are headed to Maine in two days. I am so looking forward to a week of relaxation, lobster, popovers, and hopefully very few black flies! All insects seem to love me, so I have a feeling I'll be rocking the eau-de-bugspray all week long. But I can deal with that, and I think the hubby can too if it keeps me bug-bite free. It should be fun to celebrate the Fourth up there, and my birthday is a few days later. Here's hoping next year is less stressful and full of progress.

If you're wondering about my 365 Project, it's actually one of the few things I've kept up on over on my Flickr account. So even if I haven't put them up here, you can check them out there. Maybe I'll do a favorites from the last 3 months post when I get back from vacation. And maybe a makeover for my site while I'm at it.

Speaking of, you may have noticed a new addition to my right-hand column: my Etsy shop! Remember that tattoo iPhone case I made and posted about a while back? Well I've been revising the design, and finally am happy enough to put some up for sale. I'll be putting up a variety of colors, fabrics, and a few different styles, but I'm also happy to do custom orders if you have something specific in mind.

I've also been using fabrics from this great organization called FabMo. They collect fabric samples of varying sizes from designers around the area that are discontinued and headed for the landfill. And once a month they let people come down and peruse the stacks and take what they like in exchange for a donation. I'm happy to support their efforts, and of course always excited to see what treasures they have! Plus, the fabrics are just about the perfect size for my cell phone purses.

As always, I am happy to hear comments, critique, and ideas - on my bags, my pictures, my shop setup, whatever. Feedback is good!

I hope you all are enjoying the summer and having as lovely weather as we've been having here lately. And I don't know if they have fireworks where we'll be in Maine, so enjoy some of those on the Fourth for me! I'll leave you with an image I took on a recent nature walk by our beach. Did I mention that the weather's been lovely lately?


toothpick said...

glad you're back! love the iphone case - i may need some more! i was thinking it might be neat to have a clear plastic (can you swing that?) for license or bus passes. also, how are you with pleather? have a great time in maine - looking forward to posts and pics on it!

Laidlaw said...

Don't forget to go for an easy hike while you're Down East!

I'm Not a Plastic Blog said...

I didn't know you opened up an etsy shop! Did you mention this and it just slipped by me?

Anyway, I love the iphone cases and I'll go ahead and buy one. Been needing something to put my keys/phone in when I bike about.

Have a nice vacation in maine. Don't get into any Stephen King adventures!

Chelc said...

Toothpick - we definitely need to chat about some of these ideas!

Mark - you're so subtle :P We're hoping to do some kayaking in the bay while we're there. I'll let you know how it goes.

Viv - my first official customer! You're so sweet! I just opened the shop a few days ago, so you're not behind on anything. I'm the one who's been slow in getting it set up. Your package is going to be extra special since I had some other stuff to send you I've been horrible at actually getting sent off. So don't expect I treat all my customers quite so well :D

And I'm actually a huge Stephen King fan, so maybe I'll have to go buzz his house and see if he's home (but avoid the scary undead and creepy stuff!).

I'm Not a Plastic Blog said...


Love it! Happy to get your shop going and am excited for the cute case and these surprise goodies, but I do hope you're putting it off until after your vacation - no stressing!

I wonder if there are any King-related tours you can do there? Maybe you'll meet a guy with weird glasses who has interesting stories to tell but then mysteriously vanishes. :)


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