Thursday, March 3, 2011

HD TV Rant

OK, this has been on my mind for a while now, and I don't understand why I haven't heard other people complain about it too.

We've had an HD flat screen (16:9 ratio, as is the norm now) for a little while now, but only in the past few months got digital cable, and therefore the HD TV channels. Truth is, we watch more movies or streaming TV through Netflix (through the XBox), so our digital has always been what we expected - either fitting the 16:9 ratio screen (for widescreen format), or having the black bars on the left and right for 4:3 ratio, like most TV shows are/used to be.

So then, my big question is, why, HD channels, do you assume that me, the person who spent hours with my husband carefully scrutinizing each TV before we finally decided on the perfect one, the person who spent hard-earned dollar bills on this TV and scoped out the perfect location for it to sit in the room, why HD channels, oh why would you possibly think that I'd enjoy having the crap stretched out of my HD programs?!?!

And it's not stretched to the point where I can change my TV settings so that it's 4:3 and looks fine. Oh no, then it's too skinny. So you've decided that I want my programming in high definition warpedness. That I want all my favorite Bones characters to look like they've gained 30 pounds, and lovely Emily Deschanel's square jaw now looks rectangular. It's to the point that it gives me a headache. Almost instantly. I feel like I've put on someone's glasses when really I have near-perfect vision. I just can't do it, even though I've asked other people and they don't seem to care.

But I can't be the only one this bothers, can I? I mean, what's the point of high def if it's unwatchable? And then there's the issue that our HD channels are on eastern time, while our regular channels are on Pacific time, which actually increases the number of available programs, so I wouldn't be complaining about it...except that when I'm getting a headache from stretched-out, warped David Boreanaz and want to see him normally, I can't, because that show was on 3 hours ago. Brilliant.

So please, who's got an in with the HD channels so we can get this fixed? Because I don't care if my HD channels don't take up my whole screen. If they aren't in 16:9 ratio, don't stretch them!!! I swear, it's worse than Pan and Scan. In fact, I would prefer Pan and Scan. Just take a play out of the HD commercials handbook - put the bars on the left and right sides and have your channel logo emblazened across them. I don't care. Hell, that's a million times better than those stupid animated ads in the bottom of the screen that now take up half the screen. That's just fantastic on a movie with subtitles. Perfectly positioned to cover the whole thing. Fabulous.

But I digress. And this is why movies and streaming still rule over overpriced cable. Thoughts?

/End Rant/

Note: I just found this article, and seriously can't believe people *preferred*??? this stretching over black bars? Am I the only one who gets a headache from that warped mirror effect?

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I'm Not a Plastic Blog said...

I used to notice this when I would visit my uncle and I too was confused. Why was everyone fat on the show now? Why did things look so distorted. Apparently, my uncle could change it, but he did prefer it. I guess if he had it correct, the image was smaller and that wasn't the point of having a giant ass TV.

I don't get it either.


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