Friday, May 13, 2011

Ginkgo Leaves Monoprinting

I dropped by 3 Fish Studios today to pick up a print Eric had watercolored just for me. For as often as I've been there and how much I've admired their pieces, it seemed a little ridiculous that I didn't actually own one yet. Plus, it's always a pleasure to hang out with Eric (and of course Annie too, if she's in the studio), and I wanted to check out the new pieces they've been working on.

If you didn't see my post about my first experience with 3 Fish, check it out here. And then, people in the area, go and sign up for their linocut class, because it's completely awesome and certainly changed my art life! Even non-artist types can have a lot of fun and get some very cool prints out of it.

Eric's inspiring ginkgo print
Today when I arrived at the studio, another former student of Eric's linocut class was there, and we both were admiring his new series of ginkgo monoprints. We were so gung-ho, in fact, that he offered to take us through the process and let us pull some of our own - as soon as we picked some of our own neighborhood ginkgo leaves (don't worry, there were plenty on the trees!).

Eric has a great post about this process on his website. Check it out, since his step-by-step is much better than me trying to explain it without pictures. Then come back and you'll understand how I got my individual pulls.

OK, are you back? Cool. These are the pulls I got. I have to say, the entire process is almost instant gratification, as well as inspiring the more you push each print pull. The more we played around with ideas, the more interesting results we got.

The image at the top of the post is from the first pulls - a plate each of the orange, tangerine, and lime green. This is what creates the silhouette.

Next pull just with removing the leaves gets you these beauties:
Ginkgo ghosts
I love the detail of the leaves you get. Like Eric says, definitely resembling a fossil (which apparently ginkgo leaves are known for).

Now comes the really fun part. The other student ("C" we'll call her, since I don't use real names without permission) was pulling her own prints, so we traded leaves that had been inked in different colors and mixed and matched on our original templates. This is what I ended up with (unfortunately I didn't get a chance to get a picture of her pieces).
Cool, huh? I recommended looking at that last set larger, so you can see the layers of ghosting. The tonal tangerine on the left actually is a fourth pull, with the original tangerine leaves put back on the template. I love the way it turned out!

It seems that every time I visit 3 Fish, I come home feeling incredibly inspired. And this time I have visual treats too! Now to find some wall space...

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jeannie said...

Chelsea, I just finished a printmaking class at Sanchez Art Center. It is so much fun to work with real paper and ink and smelly stuff!


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