Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

I am a huge fan of the holidays. And by "holidays", I basically mean Thanksgiving and Christmas (New Year's you can keep - I'd rather have a 2nd Christmas). What's funny is that in my head I prefer Christmas - the big lead-up, the music, the tree, buying presents, and usually more time off to spend with family. But when I really think about it, Thanksgiving is a purer holiday, and one that seems to embody the ideals of Christmas more than the big day itself.

Christmas has become so commercial, it's ridiculous. Not to say that Thanksgiving doesn't have strong commercial ties (man they've pushed "Black Friday" up as early as possible!), but really the day is about gathering with loved ones around a full table of comfort food, and acknowledging the good things in our lives. I even feel like I'm more generous at Thanksgiving, out of a sincere desire to share good food and a happy family with others who may not have that opportunity. Christmas I feel so put-upon to be "generous" - "donate to me, give me money because it's Christmas and if you don't, you're a Scrooge!" The Christmas Spirit is supposed to be about sharing what you have, not about trying to get as much as possible.

So this Thanksgiving, I hope you're able to take a minute, shut off the Black Friday Sale commericals, and be grateful. If for nothing else, be grateful for the relative purity of the day. Me, I'll be grateful to be with family I love, food we've all made with love, and letting the things we do have overpower the things we don't. Happy Thanksgiving!

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